Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday's Share

because sometimes we just have too much to remember. Here is a list to the values of Platinum, Gold and Silver

999 (also known as three nines fine)
950 (the most common purity for platinum jewellery)
900 (also known as one nine fine)

999 (Fine gold equivalent to 24 carat, also known as three nines fine)
990 (equivalent to 23 carat;[dubious – discuss] also known as two nines fine)
916 (equivalent to 22 carat)
833 (equivalent to 20 carat)
750 (equivalent to 18 carat)
625 (equivalent to 15 carat)
585 (equivalent to 14 carat)
417 (equivalent to 10 carat)
375 (equivalent to 9 carat)
333 (equivalent to 8 carat; minimum standard for gold in Germany after 1884)

999 (Fine silver used in bullion bars, also known as three nines fine)
980 (common standard used in Mexico ca.1930 - 1945)
958 (equivalent to Britannia silver)
950 (equivalent to "French 1st Standard")
925 (equivalent to Sterling silver)
900 (equivalent to "Coin silver" in the USA, also known as one nine fine)
875 (could be found in former USSR and in Switzerland)
833 (common standard used in continental silver especially among the Dutch, Swedish, and Germans)
830 (common standard used in older Scandinavian silver)
835 (a standard predominantly used in Germany after 1884)
800 (minimum standard for silver in Germany after 1884; Egyptian silver; Canadian silver circulating coinage)
750 (uncommon silver standard found in older German, Swiss and Austro-Hungarian silver)


alexkeller said...

ah ha! i just knew my mother was wrong! 875 does mean silver :)

DoYouLoveLucy said...

nice. good information to know! thanks for sharing!

Meltem said...

Great information! I usually use 925 and 999 silver on my jewelry!