Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Report: FTC to go after blogger freebies

anyone hear about this?



Almost Precious said...

Hmm, most interesting, but can't imagine how they could ever inforce it...or at least not down to the level of small scale boggers. Seems they just want to make sure that Uncle Sam gets his save of things. Just like winning a car, the winner has to pay the taxes on it. Doubt the FTC is concerned with small time blogger giveaways with their cute little note cards, a pair of beaded earrings, a crochet rose brooch...the FTC isn't going to garner much revenue there. LOL ;)

Almost Precious said...

oops...typo : should have been Uncle Sam get his share of things. :\

Almost Precious said...

Holy Moly - and another typo! Supposed to be bloggers not boggers, unless we're all harvesting cranberries !