Sunday, June 28, 2009

Holiday Previews for the week

June 28 - Insurance Awareness Day - Now who do you think invented that!?!

June 29 - Camera Day - I luv my camera! Memory Maker AND bribe gadget all in the palm of my hand.

June 29 - Waffle Iron Day - Do you have a waffle iron? I happen to have one and today is a PEERRRRFECT day to use it! Yummy waffles, maybe my blueberry bush has some blueberries on it that the squirrels haven't gotten to yet...yymmmmmm

June 30 - Meteor Day - Meteors are space dust and ice that enter the earth's atmosphere. Meteors can be as small as specks of dust. As they enter the atmosphere at high speeds, they burn up, producing light as they streak across the night sky. Sometimes, you see them streak across the sky and disappear at the horizon. Other times, they end suddenly, burning out right before your eyes. Will you be lucky enough to see meteors streaking across the night sky?

July Month:

National Blueberry Month
National Anti-Boredom Month
Unlucky Month for weddings
National Cell Phone Courtesy Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Ice Cream Month

Week Event:

Week 2 Nude Recreation Week

July 1 - Canada Day - Canada Day is a celebration of Canadian nationalism, heritage and pride. Canada became self-governing on July 1st, 1867, with the passage of the British North America Act (BNA Act) in the British Parliament. The holiday was originally known as "Dominion Day". It was changed to Canada Day by the Canadian Parliament on October 27, 1982.

July 1 - Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day - What a perfect day to go out the the parlor and have an Ice cream of some flavor that you usually don't eat! Be creative, do you know that while in Italy I would go to a special Ice cream parlor to get garlic flavored ice cream! It was deeeeeeLISCious!!!

July 1 -International Joke Day - how many email jokes do you get a day? Pass them all along today and remind everyone that it is International Joke day. Everyone can use lots of laughs, hey here's one: Knock Knock...

July 2 - I Forgot Day - ..........I forgot

July 2 - World UFO Day - The date for this special day was chosen because it is the date of the Roswell Incident, a historical event leading to wide speculation and belief that aliens have indeed visited us. Organizers are downright serious about getting the overall public to believe that we indeed have been visited by aliens from outer space. They are seeking to get the U.S. and other governments to admit to what they believe is a reality. Like just last night, I was abducted by aliens. I know it because I woke up still tired and feeling all beat up this morning.

July 3 - Compliment Your Mirror Day - because it never lies to you. It loves you for who you are and shows it. It never judges and is always honest. Maybe a dust off in appreciation?

July 3 - Disobedience Day - I PROTEST!!

July 3 - Stay out of the Sun Day - for quite obvious reasons people! It is piping hot out there, especially here in sunny Florida

July 4 - Independence Day (U.S.) - This is our day, America - Be Proud, we still have a lot to be proud of. Of course the basic celebrations are forced upon us through commercialism: hot dogs, Bar BQ, picnics, fireworks, little flags on anything - but take the time and think about what today is REALLY all about and PLEASE if you have children take the time to EXPLAIN what today is all about. Our youth is not getting the education that we owe them about the freedom and the rights of our country and it is up to us adults to teach them and to pass along OUR TRADITIONS as AMERICANS.
For Example: did you know that it is inappropriate to wear clothing or any form of attire that assimilates the American flag at ALL. You see it all the time, and it happens because of commercialism and of patriotism: the biker with the American flag bandanna, the cute girl with the American flag bathing suit or the cowboy with the American flag shirt. It is not appropriate.

July 4 - National Country Music Day - Heeeee Haaawwwwww!! Break out your chaps and head on over to your local barn dance and have urself a heck of a swell time. Ok, that's categorizing. I actually do like country music, I am actually super excited: Alan Jackson is coming to our Amphitheatre!!

July 4 - Sidewalk Egg Frying Day - Hmmmm, I wonder why!?! I think we shall have some fun and try some egg frying outside today - probably won't eat them, but it will be fun for the kids.

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