Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holiday Previews for the Week

August 30 - Frankenstein Day - This day is in honor of author Mary Wollenstone Shelley who was born on August 30,1797. She wrote the book "Frankenstein "in 1818. This day in in honor of her birth.

August 30 - Toasted Marshmallow Day - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm what a great day to prepare for a campfire in the evening full of toasty yummies, and if you cannot make a camp fire because of fire bans and safety you can always put the s'mores together and throw them in the micro-wonder for some 15 seconds and ENJOY!

August 31 - National Trail Mix Day - In scouts we have everyone bring a trail mix component such as cereal, nuts, pretzels, raisins, dried fruit, M&Ms, etc and then we throw it all in a bowl together mix it up and divy it up into ziplock bags for everyone to have for the trail. The mix always turns out interestingly different and it's a great snack for trailing :)


Classical Music Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
Fall Hat Month
International Square Dancing Month
National Blueberry Popsicle Month
National Courtesy Month
National Piano Month
Chicken Month
Baby Safety Month
Little League Month
Honey Month
Self Improvement Month
Better Breakfast Month

September 1 - Emma Nutt became the first woman telephone operator on September 1, 1878. She loved the job, and worked at it for 33 years. This special day celebrates the world of telephone operators. It was a very important job for many decades. Today, the position has been eliminated being replaced by automation in telephone systems.

September 2 - VJ Day - There is some confusion over what date is V-J Day. You can consider any (or all) of three dates as V-J Day. President Harry S. Truman caused some of this confusion........
On August 14, 1945, the Japanese government cabled to the U.S. their surrender. This is the date of most modern observances.
On August 15, 1945, news of the surrender was announced to the world. This sparked spontaneous celebrations over the final ending of World War II.
On September 2, 1945, a formal surrender ceremony was held in Tokyo Bay aboard the USS Missouri. At the time, President Truman declared September 2 to be VJ Day.
Regardless of which day you view as VJ Day, World War II was finally over.

September 2 - National Beheading Day - don't lose your head over this one, simply: Throughout history, beheadings have occurred. The list is long, including commoners and Kings. The most notable king to be beheaded was Charles I of England in 1645. Let us be thankful that beheading is no longer the custom.

September 3 - Skyscraper Day short supply, and real estate prices are ever increasing. Building "up" becomes more and more logical. As technical capabilities in construction improved, skyscrapers have become taller and taller. In addition, there is a certain prestige to have one of the tallest structures in the world in your city.

September 4 - Newspaper Carrier Day - This day commemorates the hiring of the very first newspaper carrier. Newspaper carriers date back to the early 1800s. On September 10, 1833, 10 year old Barney Flaherty became the first newspaper carrier. Benjamin Day, publisher of The New York Sun, hired Barney Flaherty to sell papers for his penny press. The only job requirement, was that he had to show that he could throw a newspaper into the bushes. Newspaper Carrier Day honors everyone who is now, or once was, a newspaper carrier. The list includes thousands, if not millions, of people. Years ago, this job was primarily populated by kids, from pre-teen through approximately sixteen. At that age, many, but not all, kids moved to restaurant, grocery store and retail type of jobs.

September 5 - Be Late for Something Day - oh yeah. I can handle this one. Being a stickler for punctuality this one will make me feel like I am getting away with something (although many make it a way of life).

September 5 - Cheese Pizza Day - I celebrated this one yesterday but will gladly do it again, because ym ym ym ym ym . pizza is yummmmmmmmmmmmm.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday's Fab Finds

This is truley a fun blog:

Etsy Stalker - the writing is crisp and fun and the blog is clean and bright, the topix: Etsy sellers. This online crafters museum takes focus on the many many artists of Etsy and there are giveaways that you can drool over too!
.......I have the button in my side bar for quick-click BECAUSE I AM NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT THAT I TOO, AM A STALKER X]

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

YAY!!!Hollywood Spotlight Jewelry has featured my ring in her blog today

Spread the word!! ;]

Today I wanted to tell you about a web site called Indie Craft Fair Guide. Besides having a list of indie craft shows it has a really nice How-To guide for first time craft fair vendors . Even if you already do shows, it may have some new info you find interesting!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Madness

ahhhhhh August, the name alone triggers the thought of Autumn, which - to me - triggers the thought of auburns and ambers...see the connection? fall colors - which make me think of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, sweet potato pie...ok, ok somehow I ALWAYS end up thinking of food..........speaking of food....ANOTHER one of my Florida Etsy Street Team
members is having a giveaway! My street team ROCKS!!

Kelly over at Happy Shack Designs has created this beautiful pendant for her August giveaway and she is planning on picking the winner on September 3rd so even though I know you are thinking "...well I have plenty of time for that..." NO! Don't do it! Don't wait - because you KNOW you will forget then the end of the month will roll around and you will be sitting there in front of your computer thinking "now where was that giveaway with that awesome pendant full of autumn colors that I would LUV to wear with my fancy dress when I am invited to Thanksgiving dinner, I read that on someone's blog, but who's blog was that????" then you'll spend HOURS going through your blog mates trying to toggle your memory and THEN you will get side tracked with that one blog that tells you all about how to make the perfect pot holder and then you will see a picture of a kitty and then it will be all gone because kitties are cute and then after half an hour looking at kitty pics you will realize it's time to go to your yoga class and you havn't even shaved your legs yet .....and then well you know better than me: you'll skip yoga, have a brownie and play solitair for 40 minutes. aaaahhhh so now you've already forgotten huh? I thought so! It's http://Happy Shack Designs. now go

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Holiday Previews for the Week

August - 23 Ride the Wind Day - Summer will soon be over, time to step back out of the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and ride the wind, catch a drift, enjoy a summer breeze, or maybe take time to appreciate that person that is the wind beneath your wings, maybe fly a kite on the beach, take a day trip on a sail boat or feel the wind in your hair on a get the legist of it

August 24 - Vesuvius Day - August 24, 79 A.D. was an historic date for the world. This was the day that Mount Vesuvius erupted in a huge explosion. It was one of the largest volcanic explosions in recorded history. This deadly volcano destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae. They were buried by volcanic ash and pumice. An estimated 3,360 people died in the volcano's eruption. Mount Vesuvius also exploded a second time in 1631. At that time, it killed approximately 3,500 people.

August 25 - Kiss and Make Up Day - oh, now this almost makes me want to pick a spat just so I can celebrate today, LOL! joking aside today is a good time to settle some silly tiffs that have been lurking in the back of your relationships: just shrug is off and move on. celebrate.

August 26 - National Dog Day - Who let the dogs out? National Dog Day was created by the National Dog Day Foundation. Their motto is "Saving 10,000 Dogs - One Day at a Time". National Dog Day has two goals: to honor dogs, and to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse. It's an opportunity for us to recognize and appreciate the value and importance of dogs in our lives, so give your pooch some lovin and an xtra biscuit to celebrate!

August 26 - Women's Equality Day - In 1971, after much work, and at the urging of U.S. Representative Bella Abzug (D-NY), Congress designated August 26 each year as “Women’s Equality Day”. This day was selected to commemorate the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution on August 26, 1920. This amendment granted women the right to vote. This was the culmination of decades of effort by women suffragettes and other groups. Their efforts dated back to first women’s rights convention in 1848 at Seneca Falls, New York.

August 27 - Global Forgiveness Day - Global Forgiveness Day began in 1994. It was created and is sponsored by the Christian Embassy of Christ's Ambassadors. This holiday originated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. International Forgiveness Day was created by the World Forgiveness Alliance, a non-denominational, educational foundation. According to their website: " International Forgiveness Day dedicated to evoking the healing power of forgiveness worldwide." The founder is Robert W. Plath, from Mill Valley, California. Forgiveness Day is a time to forgive and to be forgiven. It must be a pretty good thing, because there are two groups that lay claim to a Forgiveness Day in the month of August. Both are world or international events. There's enough trouble and strife in the world. Two forgiveness days can only help to make things better!

August 27 - Just Because Day - you can sing at the top of your lungs: just because. you can take a bubble bath in the middle of the day: just because. you can paint your nails purple and wear your Halloween costume: just because. COME ON! this one can be soooooooooooooooo fun: JUST BECAUSE!!

August 28 - Race Your Mouse Day - but, what kind of "mouse"? - because you know as well as I do that we can run this little mouse crazy when we want to! oh, but I suppose if you have a pet mouse you can let it loose and try your hardest to beat it once around the house!

August 29 - More Herbs, Less Salt Day - Late August is a very appropriate time to celebrate this special day. The harvest of garden herbs is at a peak. There's nothing better than fresh garden herbs in your favorite recipes.

Friday, August 21, 2009

short and simple: is full of use full info we can all use like How to increase traffic to your Craft Business Blog. Check it out, I definitely picked up some sweet tricks!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday's Share

You've got to check this out! one of my fellow
Florida Etsy Street Team

members is having a super giveaway!

Bululu Studio is celebrating her Second Anniversary on Etsy! To thank everyone for making BululuStudio a success, she is giving away a gorgeous Eco-Friendly Organizer.

So don't waste a minute! Hurry over and up up up your chances to win!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tues Tech Tool

For this weeks Tuesday Tech Tools I would like to share with you a site that I recently learned about:
Go To Great Panes. If you are as clueless as I am about how to hook up your etsy site with all that google base stuff then you really need to check out this blog! A very detailed how-to makes this step by step super easy to follow!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Madness

It's time for my Etsy Team's, Florida Etsy Street Team August giveaway!

The August Fest giveaway is sponsored this month by Kelly Warren of Happy Shack Designs & her other shop Kelly Warren Photo Art.

you can read more about Kelly and all of her wonderfullness at her Happy Shack Designs Blog but in the mean time run, hop and skip on over to the team blog to enter for your chance to win!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Holiday Previews for the Week

August 16 - National Tell a Joke Day - Knock Knock! Go ahead bring out your old corny jokes and share them with everyone today! and don't forget to laugh, after all that is the importance of jokes and laughter is good for you :)

August 17 - National Thriftshop Day - Man! this sounds like a fun day, who doesn't love the eternal search for "that" treasure?! Thrift shops are a perfect place to work your imagination too, you can try innovative ways to use things that others have retired and hey, while you are on your way there how about taking an item or two of your own that you are ready to retire and pass along

August 18 - Bad Poetry Day - I am certainly not a poet and I do know it!! well it could be kinda fun to try and rhyme today...certainly creates good mental yoga

August 19 - Aviation Day - This special day was created by a presidential proclamation by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939. And we thank you Franky, after all the The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, were pioneer aviators in the United States. Orville was the first person to successfully fly an airplane. His first flight was December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. This inaugural flight was soon to change the skies forever.

August 20 - Chinese Valentine's Day/Daughter's Day - 7th day of 7th Lunar Month, Chinese style. Today is Chinese Valentine Day. It is also known as the Daughter's Festival and several other names.
Here is one of the the most popular versions of the story:
The Goddess of Heaven (also known as the Queen of Heaven) had seven beautiful, young daughters. The seven daughters came down to earth. They decided to bathe in a pristine river, leaving their clothes on the shore. Along came a cow herder (the herd were actually ox) named "Niu Lang". He took their clothes to see what they would do. The daughters decided that the youngest, and most beautiful, named Zhi Nü should go out of the water and recover their clothes. Because Niu Lang saw her naked, they had to get married. They fell madly in love, and shared several years of marital bliss. Finally, her mother became irritated by her absence from Heaven, and ordered her to return. Seeing how much Zhi Nü missed her husband, the Jade Emperor of Heaven brought the couple back together. Ultimately, Zhi Nü was allowed to visit her husband, Niu Lang just once a year. The annual reunion occurs on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar.

August 20 - National Radio Day - The invention of the radio dates back to the late 1800s. A number of inventors played a role in creating this important medium. A number of inventions and discoveries were required to make the radio a reality. This included both transmission and reception methods and technology. The radio somewhat evolved from the telegraph and the telephone, with wireless telegraph directly contributing to its invention. So, turn up your radio and rock your tunes today!

August 21 - Senior Citizen's Day - On August 19, 1988, President Ronald Reagan issued Proclamation 5847 creating National Senior Citizens Day to be August 21. this day, we are encouraged to recognize and show appreciation for the value and contribution of elderly people to home, family and society.

August 22 - Be an Angel Day - Be An Angel Day was first celebrated on August 22, 1993, making it a fairly new holiday, This special day was created by Jayne Howard Feldman. The objective of this day is to be like an angel, and do something good or kind for someone. It encourages us to be God's servant in doing good things for others. It is intended to do something nice or kind for someone who is in need of help. The type of angelic help you can offer is not defined or limited. It can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Latest Puzzle

Every time my daughter comes up to visit I get so excited to go out and get a puzzle for us to do while she is here (many times the length of her stay denotes the size of the puzzle I buy!)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday's Fab Finds

This is a fabulous use full site that I have learned of thanks to my Etsy team forums! Jewelry Business Success Tips is FULL of information much needed to anyone wanting to be an independent crafter. Not only is Rena an established writer of use full books such as her "Your Profitable Jewelry Booth" where she covers everything: show prep, display, jurying, pricing, marketing, and so much more - but she has also set up this great web site to share all of her wisdom! She focuses on jewelry makers but much of the information that she shares is for every craft. You can sign up for her newsletter and read it at your own luxury and just absorb all of her expertise. She shares everything from jewelry making, to marketing, to selling and advertising. She is definitely a fountain of information that many of us can use a drink of!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Newest Pretties!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday's Share

Love handmade goods? Etsy Bloggers
is having a MEGA giveaway. Almost $300 value!

You have GOT to checkout the EtsyBloggers MEGA GIVEAWAY at Etsy Bloggers

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tues Tech Tool

The following is a copy of an article that my husband thought would be beneficial to share for those of you using or considering the use of some of the social networks that are out there. Although simple to use and pushed on to us by the media maybe we should think twice about using these sites. Myself included: I started using one of these as a way to help advertise my shop and network more, but quite honestly I have had more viruses and problems with my computer than what it is worth and now I try very hard not to use these sites -

U.S. Marines ban Facebook, MySpace, Twitter
Posted by Ryan Naraine
The U.S. Marine Corps has slapped an immediate ban on the use of social networking sites on its network, warning that sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are a “proven haven for malicious hackers and content.”
The ban, contained in an order issued Monday, will last for a year. It specifically mentions Facebook, Twitter and MySpace although it applies to what is described as “Web-based services that allows communities of people to share common interests.”[ SEE: Twitter API ripe for abuse by web worms ]
A few choice quotes from the Marine Corps order:
•“These internet sites in general are a proven haven for malicious actors and content and are particularly high risk due to information exposure, user generated content and targeting by adversaries…”
•“The very nature of SNS [social network sites] creates a larger attack and exploitation window, exposes unnecessary information to adversaries and provides an easy conduit for information leakage that puts OPSEC [operational security], COMSEC [communications security], [and] personnel… at an elevated risk of compromise.”
[ SEE: Web worms squirm through Facebook, MySpace ]
CNN reports that the ban was drawn up in response to a late July warning from U.S. Strategic Command, which told the rest of the military it was considering a Defense Department-wide ban on the Web 2.0 sites, due to network security concerns.
Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have been constant targets for malware attacks that exploit the trusted nature of social networks to lure users into clicking on links to malicious sites.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Madness

Another super fun giveaway from one of my Florida Etsy Street Team members! Sew Simply Handmade makes beautiful original pincushions and she is having a giveaway! You have till August 16th to enter for your chance to win! You need only zoom on over to her blog and follow her simple directions, so Good luck!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Holiday Previews for the Week

August 9 - Book Lover's Day - What a PERFECT day for this holiday!! Sunday is a nice day to take some time out to kick back and read. There are soooo many great books out there full of adventures and stories to fill the mind with fantasy and relaxation!

August 10 - Lazy Day - now don't get this one confuse with Relaxation Day! No no, this one here is to actually BE lazy, that means you know you HAVE things that you HAVE to do but instead you just don't! That's right : you CHOOSE to be a slacker. Go ahead, it's good for you. We should all learn to be a slacker from time to time, it does the soul good

August 10 - National S'mores Day - aahhhhh, summer, campfire, s'more: they go together like wham a lam a ding dong. The origin of S'mores dates back to the 1920's. It's believed the recipe was first discovered by Girl Scouts. S'more folklore suggests that S'mores got its name right by the campfire. After eating one, young kids chanted "gimme some more!" Not that I need an explanation for this one!

August 11 - Presidential Joke Day - Although many of us will be tempted to make jokes of our presidents (old and new) that is not what today is for: On August 11, 1984, just before his regular Saturday radio address, President Ronald Reagan was doing a voice test with the microphone. He thought the microphone and the feed was not live. He joked into the microphone: "My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes." To his surprise, he was speaking to a live feed! This incident led to the creation of "Presidential Joke Day".

August 11 - Son and Daughter Day - Kinda cute huh! although this one can be flipped around many ways: spend time with all kids, isolate one today and one tomorrow, etc. Important that we do take some time to spend with our kids maybe just doing something that they really want to do without trying to coax them into doing something that really caters more to our needs.

August 12 - Middle Child's Day - For parents of three children, you likely know the "Middle Child Syndrome" all too well. If you grew up the middle child with both older and younger siblings, you know the feeling a from a very personal perspective. So if you are celebrating yesterday with the one at a time specialties you can follow through and have the middle kid have today as his/her special day!

August 13 - Left Hander's Day - Left Handers are also commonly referred to as Southpaws and Did you Know? Right handed people operate in the left side of the brain. Left handed people use the right side. Therefore, only left handed people are in their right mind! Today is a day for all of us right handers to appreciate how it may be sometimes difficult for lefties to live in our righty world where most everything is built to cater to righties.

August 14 - National Creamsicle Day - Yuppery it's yummy yummy! Orange creamsicles are my favorites and summer time is a great time to appreciate the greatness of these yummies! Just eat up quick before they melt on you!!

August 14/15 - V-J Day - The confusion over three dates:

There is some confusion over what date is V-J Day. You can consider any (or all) of three dates as V-J Day. President Harry S. Truman caused some of this confusion........

On August 14, 1945, the Japanese government cabled to the U.S. their surrender. This is the date of most modern observances. On August 15, 1945, news of the surrender was announced to the world. This sparked spontaneous celebrations over the final ending of World War II. On September 2, 1945, a formal surrender ceremony was held in Tokyo Bay aboard the USS Missouri. At the time, President Truman declared September 2 to be VJ Day. Regardless of which day you view as VJ Day, World War II was finally over.

August 15 - Relaxation Day - The stresses, the hustle and bustle seemingly consumes us, every day of the year. Even Sundays are no longer days of rest and relaxation. There never seems to be a day to just kick back and relax. For those us with a hectic lifestyle, Relaxation Day is a day to look forward to. It provides a break from the madness of your busy work and personal schedule. Todays is the day to enjoy either doing absolutely nothing, or partaking in your favorite relaxation activity.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday's Fab Finds

I could not wait to share this find! There is a super non profit site, powered by Etsy API out there for Etsy users called

Someone has been working hard I tell you! has THE FEATURATOR! This nifty tool can send you an e-mail every time you get featured on Etsy's front page! All you need to do is enter your Etsy user name and your e-mail address and press Subscribe and you are in the loop dee loop!

there is also THE VULTRAC which is much like the heart-o-matic tool that allows you to track your shop's item views. All you need to do, is type in your Etsy shop name and press View! Then every time you go back the tool will tell you how many people have viewed your items as of your last checking! With all this, it's quite useful for tracking your views when you add new items, or renew existing ones!

Ever wonder who your biggest fan is? well this site has a BIGGEST FAN finder, just put in your etsy shop name and it will let you know who is your number one stalker..I mean.. fan.

Ever try to figure out that Colormatic part of Etsy? There is a nifty little tool that can show you which color Etsy thinks a listing is. It's this color value which is used for the Color Search feature. Unfortunately, due to a bug in Etsy's color evaluation routine, or something related to it, most listings appear to be white to Etsy. If you want to know what color a listing is to Etsy's eyes, simply enter its ID and press Get Color!, after which a box with the item's color will appear.

Ok, there is more there to discover and I have told you enough already...chop chop now and be sure to share this one with your fellow Etsians because the better we all work together as a team the stronger we will be to craft the world away...weeeeeeee

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Now that's extreme!

Xtreme Hobbies! - Mountain Bike Climbing

Xtreme Home? - Tree House Home

Xtreme job?!? - Lamp Post Pole Dancing

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Soooooo exciting!!!

I won a blog giveaway!!!

Michelle over at Rosey Jewels Boutique
has chosen me as the winner of her current giveaway!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I get to go to her Etsy store and pick out a prize eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
it's like Christmas eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
in August eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I am excited (can you tell?)

Wednesday's Share

As I have mentioned several times, I am a part of a great Etsy team:
Florida Etsy Street Team

we have some good discussions and share tips and ideas, a few weeks ago one of my super team members shared her views on the whole Etsy SEO topic and she is delightfully letting me share her thoughts here, so I hope it helps you as much as it helped me:

iWunder on Etsy - Hand Knit Items and Hand Dyed Yarns (she also has and says:
Since a lot of people are confused about the SEO thing, I waded through it and wanted to share what I've learned.

My take on the SEO thing, and what I've done about it:

Shop Title: Google searches your shop TITLE. We are limited to number of characters here, so use them wisely. Don't repeat words that are already elsewhere (in your section names or in your shop announcement). Don't put your shop name, etsy meta tags already do this. On google, your shop title is "iWunder on etsy - then whatever you put" so don't repeat your name. Use this space as ultimate keyword/tag real estate.

Shop Announcement: google searches the first 150 characters of your shop ANNOUNCEMENT. After that, it's dead zone. Again, use this as real estate for other key words or phrases you think people might be searching for. I played with my announcements until I got a word count of 150 or less (I did it in word so I could keep track of the character count) and made sure to put "international shipping" at the end no matter what. I used this space for more detailed keywords that are not in my shop sections or shop title.

Shop Sections: google searches your shop sections and calls them keywords. If you have funny shop section names, they are doing you no good. If you repeat the same word in each section (like jewelry) google may think you are filling your web page with spam and that's not good. So change your shop sections to be short, succinct, and exactly what you think the 6 billion earthlings are searching for.

Check out either of my shops if you want to see what I've done. Think about your etsy page like you think about tagging individual items, we all know how to do that now and we know to not repeat tags again and again in the same listing. Your etsy page is now like that. Don't have "hand knit" or "jewelry" or "vintage scarves" or "quilt" etc etc etc all over the place. If the main thing you do/sell is in ONE of the above places (sections, title, announcement), then you've got yourself covered.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tues Tech Tool

What's in a name? Ever wonder how to get started with having your own web site? Well, it all starts with a name! Go to go to Web Site Information, scroll down to Web Hosting and click on Domain Names and then begin your search for the perfect name for your web site. If you are really interested in a name you may want to go ahead and purchase it and lock it in. Some big companies will actually just go through and buy names that are just similar to their own sites name so that they are sure to get all the traffic they can!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday's Madness

This site is THE BOMB!! Matthew over at Create a Pendent has taken the time to compile a list of 50 free sites for you to look into for free advertising of your online sales site - how cool is that?!
I am definitely going to take the time to go through these and see what is available out there! Thanks Matthew!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2 - National Ice Cream Sandwich Day - Ice cream sandwiches have been around since the early 1900s, and my evenings are happy because of this! Yep, that's right: I celebrate August 2nd every day of the week (sometimes twice!)

August 2 - Friendship Day - a good day to get in touch with some old friends or to go out and make some friends. How about take some friends out to make new friends?!

August 2 - International Forgiveness Day - If you forget to call your old best friend, hopefully she will find it in her heart to forgive you (while she eats her ice cream sandwich and calls her sister). International Forgiveness Day was created by the World Forgiveness Alliance, a non-denominational, educational foundation.

August 2 - Sisters Day - Sister's Day is on the first Sunday of August. Celebrate Sister's Day by spending time with your sister, and don't forget because your sister is important and if you do not have a sister how about calling a good old friend

August 3 - National Watermelon Day - This big fruit deserves it's own big day. And while watermelon is over 90% water, it sure tastes good. I like to cut up a whole bunch of chunks and keep them in a container in the fridge and just snack on it all day long.

August 4 - U.S. Coast Guard Day - On August 4, 1790, the Revenue Cutter Service was created by the U.S. Congress. Congress authorized the construction of ten cutters. These ships were built to to enforce U.S. tariff laws. The Revenue Cutter Service was the predecessor the the U.S. Coast Guard. The name "Coast Guard" was first used in 1915. U.S. Coast Guard Day honors the military branch that protects our waters and shorelines. The U.S. Defense Department suggests that this day is largely an internal celebration for all Coast Guard personnel and their families, past and present.

August 5 - Work Like a Dog Day - Today is a day to show appreciation for those who carry more than their load, and work like a dog. You should honor them by working like a dog today.

August 6 - - Wiggle Your Toes Day - That's right baby! It's summer, it's hot and it's time to air out those hard working extremities.

August 7 National Lighthouse Day - On August 7, 1789, through an Act of Congress, the Federal Government took over responsibility for building and operating our nation's lighthouses. The government recognized the importance to ships at sea to find safe harbor during fog and storms. With the advent of radar and GPS technology, lighthouses have taken a back seat in guiding ships to port. However, they remain the universal symbol of safe harbor to ships and communities that rely upon the sea for their livelihood. We have a most beautiful Lighthouse here in St. Augustine, today would be a good day for a bike ride around my lighthouse.

August 8 - Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day - Curious? not if you have a zucchini garden! By the time August arrives, gardeners are reaping far more zucchini than they can possibly use. The fruit matures on the vine faster than anyone can even pick it. Zucchini growers become desperate, as they try to give zucchini away to family, friends and everyone they encounter. By August, even non-gardeners have had enough.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Newest Pretties!