Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tues Tech Tools

I was wondering just how it is my husband (remember the computer geek?) was able to get so-o-o much work done on his laptop. I have more memory in my laptop than he does and yet he is able to do all the stuff he does on his office desktop computer from his laptop. Ready for this week’s tip? Here is my newest….AH-HA!
Access Your Computer Remotely from Anywhere – Free.
- Available for PCs and Macs
- LogMeIn Free gives you fast, easy remote access to your PCfrom any computer with an Internet connection
- Access your home PC from the office
- 100% FREE to use!

For those of you that are like me…here is the LogMeIn for dummies version. He has the FREE program installed on his office computer as well as his laptop. As long as the office computer is on he can use his laptop to use everything on his office desktop.


I have just one problem with this….I can’t figure out if he is really smart or just REALLY lazy! To keep my “agreement” with my husband…, I want to [his terms] let everyone reading the technical tips to understand that anything I tell you about are things that he uses all the time in his business so I feel that they must really be good but you must use at your own discretion.

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