Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am addicted! I have to check in every day and see how these beautiful creatures are doing!! at there is a NatureWatch Eagle Cam - Live Streaming Video of a Wild Eagle Nest. It's fabulous - you can watch a New Eagle Grow from Birth to Flight on this live Webcam!

If you ever wanted to see a bald eagle develop from birth until flight, you now have the a perfect opportunity. There is a new life for a bald eagle pair, Cascade and Lady Odell, located high in the Cascades of the Deschutes National Forest in Oregon.
I have to see everyday how the little family is: is it raining? will I catch a feeding? maybe see some grooming, it's really a fantastic opportunity to see something this great!

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Almost Precious said...

What a great idea, and yes it could get addictive.
Eagles are one of our most majestic birds, whenever I see one I can't help but feel awe and respect for their beauty and grandeur.
Anna -
ps - am still working on that UFO cabinet to table conversion. :)