Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I hope you weren’t one of the people that got hit with the “April Fool’s Day” bug that got spread around the Internet. As a business owner, and a Network Administrator, my husband takes security VERY serious. He offered this up for everyone to view and read. Just go to this link
(yes…this video is “bug free”. I must tell you though, the information IS concerning. For those that are under the impression that because they own a MAC they have nothing to fear…I included a current article…MAC owners…it was only a matter of time!
To keep my “agreement” with my husband…, I want to [his terms] let everyone reading this technical tips part of my blog to understand that anything I tell you about are things that he uses all the time in his business so I feel that they must really be good but you must use at your own discretion. Also, he wants everyone to know that this is not a cheap plug for Norton, he doesn’t install Norton because he has his own favorites for his own reasons. Norton IS good, he just doesn’t use it anymore. Whatever you choose to use, keep it current with all patches and updates! Window users…make sure you do all the Windows updates!

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