Sunday, April 5, 2009

Holiday Previews for the week

April 5 - Go for Broke Day - Say what?!?! Nooo - this means go for it! Take a chance! Take that chance today - Many of us go about our daily lives playing it safe, not taking big chances. But today you can let yourself loose and go on and take that might have fun! Take that

April 6 - Plan Your Epitaph Day - Yeah, I know: none of us like to do it, but we all know that: best if you do do it. After all who knows what your family will actually put on it! "Here lies Rose, don't step on her toes"....HAHAHA

April 6 - Sorry Charlie Day - Today you can take time out to reflect upon a past dejection. Then, you can laugh inside and smile because "who cares?".

April 7 - Caramel Popcorn Day - chewy, sweet, caramel-ly! Too good, gotta make some today!!

April 7 - No Housework Day - Ho-Yeah!! I likey this one!! So for all you spouses that usually don't do the chores this is a great day to say thank you and do the chores for your lovey (and draw a bubble bath, and make some coffee, go buy some candy, and order a masseuse...ok, maybe that's a little too much? forget the coffee)

April 7 - World Health Day - The World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nation's sponsors World Health Day each year. This is an international event to emphasize and work on important health issues or problems. So pay attention people: be healthy

April 8 - All is Ours Day - WoW - this can be anything?! Whatever you want it to be..after all IS ours

April 8 - Draw a Picture of a Bird Day - watch it.. not that kind of bird!

April 9 - Name Yourself Day - Today you can be who you want to be. I am Power Princess. you got it baby, watch out!

April 9 - Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill who was British was made an honorary US citizen. On this day in 1963, Winston Churchill became the very first person to become an honorary citizen. He was given this honor posthumously. There have only been 6 people (two are a married couple who received it jointly) to be accorded this stature. You should go read one of his brilliant works today (or at least tell your kids you did!)

April 10 - Golfer's Day - When Golfer's Day falls on a week day, it is even more special. That means you now have an excuse to take a day off of work and go play a round ...or two. Regardless of your score today, you know that even a bad day on the greens, is better than a good day at work. Too bad I don't golf (maybe I will say I did anyway)

April 10 - National Siblings Day - Do I have to?? Siblings are truly special BLAH BLAH BLAH so go appreciate them. OK how about lunch? Are you gonna pull my hair again?

April 11 - Eight Track Tape Day - REALLY?? LOL, just yesterday I pulled some boxes down out of the attic and found some of those. You know your old when your son says "what are those?" yeah, it's that good!!

April 11 - Barbershop Quartet Day - I LUV LUV quartets. This day celebrates the founding of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America in Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 11, 1938. Barbershop Quartets date back to the early 1900's in America. They make me smile every time!


Together We Save said...

Thanks for the info. I think I will make some Caramel and forgo the housework after work tomorow.

D. Lindsey said...

When we moved to our new house almost 6 years ago now,(wow, time flies) my hubby finally got rid of his! ^.^