Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's April

It's April!!

Flowers are Daisy and Sweet Pea
Birthstones are Diamond, White Sapphire. meaning Innocence
Astrological signs include Aries, The Ram, March 21 - April 19 and Taurus, The Bull, April 20 - May 20.

April is know for several different themes:
National Humor Month - Laughter makes the world go round
International Guitar Month - my son will be thrilled! He has so many guitars there is no room to walk in his room
Keep America Beautiful Month - c'mon people: pick it up!
Lawn and Garden Month - I just salvaged 5 asparagus ferns and a hibiscus from the trash. they will be very happy in my garden :)
Poetry Month - I am no poet, but there is a lot of it out there: so enjoy
National Pecan Month - MMMMMMMMM pecan pie is my fave
National Welding Month - I have seen some beautiful welding creations and only wish I had that talent
Records and Information Management Month - o.k., honestly this sounds like work to me..but I suppose I can take my own spin on this and have an office cleaning day. organize organize...yeah, sounds better!
Stress Awareness Month - yes. I am aware that I am stressed. Thank you April month.
Sexual Assault Awareness Month - This is an important one guys, no jokes: be prepared and aware of your surroundings at all times.

April week by week:

Week 1 Library Week - and remember April 4 is National Librarian day: appreciate!
Week 1 Read a Road Map Week - I might pass on this one. I hate those things.
Week 2 Garden Week - Yep. I likey this one! My husband and I love to garden together. We get out our international/eclectic cd's and just have fun!
Week 3 Organize Your Files Week - yeah, see it just sounds better with "organize" in there. I'm a freak for new file boxes and folders!
Week 3 Medical Labs Week - Very important indeed so while your apreciatng your doc appreciate the lab workers too!
Week 4 Administrative Assistants Week - virtual thank you to all of you out there: you make our lives simpler
Week 4 National Karaoke Week - this always ends up bad for me. too much vodka, greasy wings and a wink or too, and let's not talk about how poorly my listeners hear.

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