Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do You Freecycle? is a really great place to help you do your part in recycling your unwanted merchandise. They only allow you to list what you have to offer up for free to someone that may need it or if you are in need of something that you think someone out there may have to give up. No selling, asking for donations, no volunteer work - just merchandise, just free. The idea is to save the planet by not putting stuff into the landfills that someone else may be able to use or re purpose. It's really quite useful and if you follow the rules it can be a pleasant place to meet new people in your area that share the same ideals as you. When you go to the site you need to go to your community and work from there - makes sense though as you would give and share with people in or near your home. I have used this site to advertise a "curb alert" - I listed that after my yard sale was over at 3:00pm all the leftover merchandise was going to the curb and within 3 days there was no more merchandise on my curb: so not only did it save the earth from unneeded trash but it saved me the hassle of taking the leftovers away and cleaning up! It was really great!!


Lauri said...

Thanks for sharing this! I use freecycle all the time!!

Helene said...

I totally LOVE Freecycle!!!