Sunday, April 19, 2009

Holiday Previews for the Week

April 19 - Garlic Day - Oh now don't be all Alliumphobic about this one! Besides being considered a vegetable as well as an herb, garlic holds many medicinal qualities as well as warding off evil spirits! Did you know that the besides helping fight off colds, lowering blood cholesterol, reducing plaque in our arteries helping with toothaches and warding off acne and warts garlic has Phytochemicals in garlic are believed to provide protection against heart disease and cancer. And besides: garlic is just plain good!!

April 20 - Look Alike Day - So basically if you don't have a twin or someone that looks like you then you just go out and find someone you wanna be for the day and dress like them, talk like them and act like them. It's not meant to be a bad's like you admire them so much you want to be like them!

April 20 - Patriot's Day - "The Red Coats are coming!" "The Red Coats are coming!" Patriot's Day commemorates the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. This battle began the American Revolutionary War. It also honors the "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere", you know that evening when Paul Revere rode through the town on his horse.
To New Englander's, it is a big, big day. In the states in New England, it's a holiday with a day off of work. Banks, schools, post offices, and businesses have the day off.

April 20 - Volunteer Recognition Day - This day is to honor all of those people that make the world go round! These are the people that really make the difference by their dedication to causes, helping people and animals in need, saving our planet and plain helping out people that need it. The true volunteer does not even seek recognition for what they do. So go out there and thank those people that do the volunteering and take an extra step and volunteer yourself!

April 21 - Kindergarten Day - Do you remember your kindergarten? I do!! I remember the room, the crayons, the pictures, the pretty colors! Kindergarten Day is celebrated in honor of Friedrich Froebel. He was born on this day in 1782. In 1837, he started the first Kindergarten in Germany. It became popular quickly. Kindergartens were originally a 1/2 day to get children acclimated into learning, social interaction, and school, in a fun, yet educational manner. Kindergarten has evolved in most areas into a full time program. This is partly the result of increasing pressures on education, and partly due to the increase in working mothers in America.

April 22 - Girl Scout Leader Day began on April 22, 1982, when a flag honoring Girl Scout leaders was flown over the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. This day honors the thousands of volunteers who help to make the Girl Scout program a success. You go Girl Scout Leaders!!!!

April 22 - National Jelly Bean Day - Most appropriate that this day is just around Easter time! With unlimited flavors this will be a most joyful day to celebrate! Although the original candy maker of the jelly bean is unknown Jelly beans date back to at least the 1860's. Advertisements promoted sending jelly beans to Union troops fighting in the Civil War.

April 23 - Lover's Day - One of the most popular days for getting married, lover's day is another excuse to smooch and hooch with your lovey dovey!

April 23 - National Zucchini Bread Day - The best Zucchini Bread I've had was made and sold at the Rodheaver Boys Ranch, located 12 miles south of Palatka, Florida on the historic St. Johns River. The Ranch is an incorporated not for profit 501 charity and does not receive federal, state or county funding so they do a lot of fundraising and sell these YUMMY loaves of bread.

April 23 - Take a Chance Day - as ABBA said in 1977 "Take a Chance on me!", today is just a day to go out and do what you normally wouldn't chance, no gain!

April 23 - World Laboratory Day - Ahhh, a day to celebrate the places where great discoveries, inventions, and medical cures are born. Do you have a mad scientist in your life? Surprise them with a great big thank you! because countless ideas, concepts and theories are tested in laboratories. Most of the world's greatest medical treatments and cures were discovered and perfected in laboratories, after endless study and testing. Products coming out of laboratories have helped and aided mankind in many, many ways. Super day for sure!

April 24 - Etsy Day - Simple a day to go out there and promote Etsy. The idea is to create a mystery about Etsy. We want to educate the public by throwing the word out there in mass numbers without telling them what it is, thereby getting people to notice it everywhere, wonder about it, talk to people, and eventually researching it on the Internet. United we can make a difference

April 24 - Pig in a Blanket Day - How to celebrate this day you ask?!: Make some pancakes. Wrap the sausage inside of the pancake. Add maple syrup. Then, chow down. Simple, good.

April 25 - East meets West Day - on this day many sports hold annual East vs. West games. Most often, its held by high school sports teams. Not only for sports though! So go on and host a East vs. West knitting day to get groups to interact and get to know each other!

April 25 - World Penguin Day coincides with the annual northward migration of penguins. This happens each year on or around April 25th. Penguins do not fly. Rather, they walk, or waddle. Penguin Awareness Day, and World Penguin Day are great opportunities to learn about and appreciate one of the few natives of Antarctica. On these days, spend a little time learning about them.... a pictorial book or Internet site is fun. You can also watch a documentary of these cute and popular, grounded birds, wear black and white, tell penguin jokes (but don't disrespect), watch the movie or go to Nickelodean and watch my favorite Penguins of Madagascar!

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