Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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MAIL CALL!! Have you ever thought about how much time you waste sorting through junk mail? The average American spends eight months of their life just opening it! So many times even though I know it is junk mail and I am not interested in it I feel compelled to go through the motions of opening it up, looking it through - maybe it's the guilt-bug (I was raised catholic) or the respect factor, or sometimes I hope that I can find something in there that won't go to waste like a free sticker or postcard. Nonetheless it is a waste of time and a big waste of paper!
There are a lot of different websites out there that give information on how to take your name off of the mailings lists but I have found a great link that has compiled many different ways to keep the junk mail down. Eco-cycle offers "Stop the Junk Mail Monster" to help you remove your name from mailing lists and much much more..
If you know of any similar sites that offer the same service please let me know!!

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Nora said...

nice blog you have too and we are so close,I'm a bit south in Florida in palm beach county,let's keep in touch