Sunday, March 22, 2009

Holiday Previews for the Week

March 22 - National Goof Off Day: yep, you heard it - today you have an excuse! so go ahead: take off your gardening gloves, turn off your computer and go do something fun, maybe even cross off something on your bucket list?

March 23 - Chip and Dip Day: Yummmmm, My favorite is Blue Chips with Mango salso (I think it is put out by Paul Newman's brand.

March 23 - Near Miss Day: did you know that on March 23, 1989 an asteroid the size of a mountain came within 500,000 miles of a collision with Earth; on September 27, 2003 an asteroid approximately 10 meters in diameter came within 54,700 miles of earth; and in March 2002 an asteroid approximately 70 meters long came within 288,000 miles of the earth?
Yeah, crazy huh? and that one in 1989 - Had it collided with the Earth, It would have left a devastating crater the size of Washington, D.C.!!! So today we count our blessings and think back at all of our personal near misses and just be thankful.

March 24 National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day: Chocolate and fruit together has it's definite pro's - fruit is good for you and chocolate is just good for the soul! Plus it is reminiscent of matinee's with the family at a great Disney flick.

March 25 Pecan Day: not to be confused with National Pecan Day which is on April 4th because April is National Pecan Month. Were you aware that the Pecan Tree is the only nut tree native to North America, that must be why we have the absolute BEST pecan pies ever! Maybe someone was just nuts about the pecan enough to establish another day that we absolutely must go out and buy some Turtles. Sounds good to me!!

March 25 International Waffle Day: International Waffle Day (March 25th), called VĂ„ffeldagen, was originated in Sweden because the date coincides with the Feast of the Annunciation - and this day was also considered the start of spring in Sweden and Europe. Note that National Waffle Day, August 24th, celebrates the patenting of the waffle iron by Cornelius Swarthout of Troy, New York on August 24, 1869. In any case go have some waffles. If you live in or near St. Augustine you absolutely MUST go to Gaufre's on Aviles St. for the most bestes waffles EVER.

March 26 Make Up Your Own Holiday Day: Oh yeah: Happy Me. Didn't you know? HAHA - it's for real, you can use today to celebrate any thing you want. Maybe you screwed up yesterday and upset your best friend? well then: today is I'm sorry I pissed you off day? could happen.

March 27 "Joe" Day: So you don't like what mamma called you? Tired of hearing "Mom!" all day? Wish you can change your name for just a day? On National Joe Day, it is perfectly okay to have everyone call your "Joe". Why Joe though - it appears people just like the way it sounds. So for today we are all Joe (the plumber!)

March 28 Something on a Stick Day : Oh now this one is fun, especially if you have an opportunity to be at a festival. Have you tried those Key Lime Pies on a stick? how about the Chicken Fried Bacon on a Stick? I am not lying!! My son is still trying to create the Soup on a Stick (as sun by Brack and Zorack). So Something on a Stick Day celebrates things on a stick, have fun with it! I think I WILL put those olives on a stick (toothpick) before I throw them in my martini. happy.

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Susan said...

Holidays and celebrations--thank you for these listings. Beautiful blog!

I'm Joe--today.