Sunday, March 15, 2009

Have I mentioned how much I love my hometown? I grew up here in St. Augustine, Florida. It's beautiful. I have traveled and lived elsewhere, but this is home and I truley would not want to live anywhere else.

Every Sunday morning my husband, Robert, and I get up and go downtown for breakfast. We love to walk through the streets early in the morning before all the hustle gets started. Our son often comes with us if he doesn't have other plans - most times he will bring his friends along. Even our family knows that when they come to visit if they are here on Sunday they come to breakfast with us. We sit, watch the tourists, read the paper, chit-chat, catch up and just enjoy life.

The joints have changed throughout the years - right now we are diggin Gaufre's & Goods. It is a delightfully European feeling place right in the middle of downtown on Aviles Street (featured in the picture). The owners are the sweetest people ever and they make everything from scratch and most of their key ingredients are imported from Poland. Their specialty is Waffles..mmmm...handmade to order however you want with fresh whipped cream, nutella and fruit or even icecream if you want (my son's favorite) or if you prefer there are yummy blueberry pierogies, and the pastry case is always full of the most mouth watering patries.

We look forward to this all week long - it's our little way of giving ourselves a pat on the back, afterall life is too short for Special K everyday!

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D. Lindsey said...

What a great custom. It wouldn't surprise me that your son's friends actually add staying over on Saturday nights to their social calendars for just this reason! ^.^ And thanks for visiting my blog as well as your sweet words on my work! :) Please come by anytime!