Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bucket Lists

I saw an R.V. driving through town and on the front of it was "Bucket List" and I just thought: now there's someone living their dream.

How many of you have thought about what would be on your bucket list? How many of you have actually made a bucket list? and how many of you have been able to cross something off?

I am sure many like me have thought about compiling their bucket list but never actually get around to doing it. We all have dreams, we all have things that we want to do but to me it feels as if it would be a failure if after writing it down I did not succeed at actually doing it. So I have decided to make a "doable bucket list" - things that I want to do, have often thought about but for one reason or another I just haven't. Hopefully by making this list public I will feel more compelled to dedicating the time to complete at least some of these:
* eating a fish taco - I know! I live in St. Augustine for crying out criminies
* going to Ripley's Believe It or Not - I think I may have gone as an infant, but who remembers?
* take my dad to the movies - it may seem easy enough but he is a hard person to impress. He likes movies, but GOOD movies and I never seem to coordinate it right so that it is a good movie, we are both free, it has to be a matinee and I'de like it to be for a special occasion since it never happens
* have the house air vents replaced - I know this may seem more like a To Do List kind of thing, but with the entire family suffering from some sort of breathing disorder it is more something I would like to do to know if it really matters.
* go walking on the beach more often, just to go walking as a hobby
* put my picture collection in actual photo albumsYIPPEEEEE!
* there is a small island that the train tracks go over on the Sebastian Rivera and ever since I was a child i thought it would be cool to be able to go there
* I want to take my parents and inlaw to Disney Animal Kingdom. They say they are too old "that stuff" but I think that we could enjoy the animals and vegetation just until they get tired and we can leave, I tell them we don't have to do the whole park - just something
* I want to read, all day. just guilt free reading. Pick up a book and put it down to pee and eat.

So I am going to continue adding to and subtracting from my list. It seems to make me happy that I actually wrote things down!
What about you? What's your bucket list?


Cher said...

Love your list, made me think about mine! I will have to work on it and post it. We actually just watched The Bucket List and it was surprisingly funny!

UnicornBob said...

"* going to Ripley's Believe It or Not - I think I may have gone as an infant, but who remembers?"


Not only do they have all the typical-to-Ripley's-wow-ohmygoodness-that'swickedcool atuff, but towards the end they have a shadow wall and a spinny blacklight carnival tunnel. IT'S. THE. BEST. Mark it on your calendar! :D

*mumbling* I can't believe you haven't been since infanthood. goodness me.