Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday's Fab Finds

Featsy - sounds like it should have something to do with a foot there's something to talk about, but no: Feasty, which is found on is a relatively new site that allows you to receive updates when you have been featured on Etsy's website! Wow - that means no more searching Google for gift guide features, or searching Flickr to see if you've been on the Front Page.
There is even a place that tells you who has been featured on Etsy the most and most recently.
When you register, for free, you tell it which email you want the alerts to be sent to. There is a reminder on the front page that this is all a work in progress so just how much better it could get!

Have any of you used Featsy? How well do you think it works and are there other sites that offer the same features? Let me know!

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