Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tues Tech Tools

This week my husband thought that sharing this article might be a good idea and I agree with him. Our Web business makes us aware of the vulnerabilities as well as the strengths of the web and Internet. We also make a point to know what our children are doing on Facebook and Myspace. We encourage them to use all the available technology and make it a point to NOT discourage them. Grandmother was correct (again) saying that forbidden fruit is always the sweetest!

A Scary Statistic
Reported by: Kristin Lowman Email: kristinlowman@fox23news.com

A scary statistic for parents on "sexting". Twenty percent of teens have posted a nude or semi-nude picture of themselves.That message went out to parents from Saratoga County D.A. Jim Murphy at a forum on "sexting" at Shenendahowa High School Monday night.Murphy, who has prosecuted a number of cases involving "sexting", offered advice to parents about knowing your child's passwords and who they are texting, along with tips on how to monitor your child's messages.Murphy stresses that once a child sends a message, it is gone forever.Murphy says, "the minute they press send, it is out of their control forever. In some cases it is picked up by pornography sites and can never be retrieved."Murphy adds that parents should set limits. Make sure you know where your child's phone is charging to keep an eye on their activity and set a time when they can text at night. Also, go over what messages are appropriate and inappropriate.

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