Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tues Tech Tools

This weeks tech times is pretty cool…not that my husbands other suggestions haven’t been up to this point. I have used this and found it easy to learn and easy to use. Just download the trial and if you like it…get the real program.

For any of you that have tried to watermark a photo, and like me you are married to a computer geek, then you know that watermarks are pretty easily removed. Well, according to my husband, that’s not so with this program. Nothing is 100%…but according to him (and his strange friends) this is one tough cookie!

Check out all the very cool things you can do with this like position you “mark” by just clicking your mouse. You can add borders, re size, change fonts, colors…on and on. Just download the trial and have some fun!

As always… To keep my “agreement” with my husband…, I want to [his terms] let everyone reading this technical tips part of my blog to understand that anything I tell you about are things that he uses all the time in his business so I feel that they must really be good but you must use at your own discretion. Also, he wants everyone to know that this is not a cheap plug for Watermark-Software; he has just found this to be an extremely effective program is VERY user friendly. I agree!

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