Sunday, May 17, 2009

Holiday Previews for the Week

May 17 - Pack Rat Day - Ohhhh, I know a lot of pack rats. Sure I may be a pack rat too. After all, junk is only what others collect, right? So what to do today? well DON'T clean! DON'T plan a yard sale! DON'T feel guilty that you own over 50 empty peanut butter jars just because you MAY need them one day. NAY I SAY. Rejoice and be proud. Today is your day!! Actually, how about visiting some second hand shops and rummage sales. Oh happy day.

May 18 - International Museum Day - The goals of International Museum Day are to give museum professionals the opportunity to meet the public, and to make the public aware of challenges faced by museums. This may be a good day for me to visit that Ripley's Belive it or not museum.....

May 18 - No Dirty Dishes Day - WHat does this mean?!?! Pile them up for tomorrow? Hide them away? Eat on paper or plastic plates? THat would all cause waste and hardship! This must mean only one things.....EAT OUT!!!

May 18 - Visit Your Relatives Day - So, I guess if you don't live near your relatives this means you should visit with them by calling or taking the time to write a letter. Well, that sounds nice enough!

May 19 - Boy's Club Day and Girls Club Day - Today is a day to recognize the importance of these groups for our children and to the community. With more and more parents at work, and broken families, these groups take on added importance. There are clubs all over America providing safe recreational activities for our youth. They teach values and citizenship. They help to keep kids out of trouble and off of the street. ADVENTURE!!!

May 20 - Be a Millionaire Day - I suppose if you are a millionaire you really wouldn't know to take the time to enjoy today. If you are not a millionaire there is no sense in sitting around wishing, so? I guess you can just take the time to thank the lord that you are healthy, sane and alive. That makes a millionaire out of everyone.

May 20 - Pick Strawberries Day - Ah, now this sounds like a nice day :) . Being in the middle of the week you may not be able to make it out to the fields to actually pick some strawberries, I think it only fair to quietly think about those fabulous pickers while you pick up a basket at your local market and enjoy a shortcake at home with your family.

May 21 - National Memo Day - Didn't get the memo? It's ok, today you can make and take your own. Leave some for others. Buy some funtastic rainbow color post its and memo away!

May 21 - National Waiters and Waitresses Day - WOW, if you have never had the chance to be a server you are missing out! This is a big eye opener. There is A LOT of work that goes into waiting tables. Americans especially are VERY NEEDY. Times are tough, we all know, but if you do go out today recognize your servers with a little more tip than usual. and say Thank you. Happy Day to all you servers out there!!

May 22 - Buy a Musical Instrument Day - I might NOT tell my son about this one...he LOVES to buy new instruments. How about a kazoo? I think I may need a kazoo!!

May 23 - International Jazz Day - The birthplace and home of Jazz music is New Orleans, La. Until you visit New Orleans and attend a real Jazz show in an authentic setting, you can't fully appreciate the culture and beauty of this great style of music. Jazz it up today!! and no, wearing the carnival beads does not count. well, o.k.. but check out Dave Matthews Band sometime today too

May 23 - Lucky Penny Day - See a penny: pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck!! I silently say this to myself every time I see a penny on the ground, heads up or not! I pick up EVERY penny I see. I can't understand people that don't because they are embarrassed and I REALLY can't understand people that throw them away! I guess that's because I grew up taking my penny's to the Five and Dime and buying my own candy!!

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