Friday, July 10, 2009

If you are an Etsy seller you might find this site usefull! You can get your Etsy shop's items to the top of Google search results with Google Base. Google Base is a service that lets you tell Google about the items you have for sale. After your items have been loaded in, they will appear above the normal search results for relevant google searches. Our Google Base formatter takes item details from your Etsy store and converts them into a format that Google understands.

The goal of LetsEts is to provide a suite of free tools to make the lives of Etsy sellers easier. In addition to the Google Base formatter, some of the features we're working on include:

- Statistics to help you analyze your sales and listings
- Dashboard and Yahoo widgets to monitor new sales.
- A bulk lister

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lufantasygioie said...

Ciao Rose,non vendo su Etsy,ma trovo molto interessante il tuo articolo.A presto