Sunday, July 19, 2009

Holiday Previews for the Week

July 19 - National Ice Cream Day - In 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month. He also established National Ice Cream Day as the third Sunday in the month. Did you know? Charles E. Minches of St. Louis, Missouri is credited with inventing the ice cream cone. On July 23, 1904 at the World's Fair in St. Louis, he filled a pastry cone with two scoops of ice cream to make the first ice cream cone. There is some controversy over this claim. Italo Marchiony of New York City filed a patent for the ice cream cone months before the fair opened. And, he was selling lemon ice in comes as early as 1896.

July 19 - National Raspberry Cake Day - Raspberries are one of summers sweet, fruity treats. And, the harvest is going on right now. So, it's only appropriate that we enjoy a piece of raspberry cake in celebration of the harvest.

July 20 - Moon Day - On July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 was launched from Cape Kennedy Space Center atop a huge Saturn V rocket. On July 20, 1969, the Lunar Module, nicknamed the "Eagle", touched down on the surface of the moon at Tranquility Base. Upon landing, Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong reported "The Eagle Has Landed". A few hours later, Neil Armstrong, stepped off of the Eagle's ladder, placed one foot upon the moon's surface and proclaimed: "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind".

July 20 - Ugly Truck Day - ok, this one can only be a "guy thing"!

July 21 - National Junk Food Day - Not quite sure if this one is to raise awareness on the effects of junk food like the little nutritional value, high in salts, fats, and sugars. Or is it to let yourself eat junk food all day guilt free? hmmm, I would probably do the later while trying not to think about the side effects!

July 22 - Hammock Day - I have a hammock!!! bought it years ago and always wanted to put it up in the back yard, problem was that we did not have 2 trees close enough to do so - but this past winter we took down our shed and low and behold: two trees close together!! oh the excitement, I cannot explain!!

July 22 - Ratcatcher's Day - One of the most well known German folklore is the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The town of Hamelin, Germany was infested by rats. The mayor promised to handsomely pay the Pied Piper, if he rid the town of rats. The Pied Piper played his flute. Lured by the magical music, all of the rats left town, and followed him. He played his music all the way down to the river. He waded into the river. The rats followed him and drowned. The mayor refused to pay him. So, one night when the townspeople were asleep, the Pied Piper played his music again. This time, the children of the town followed him all the way into a cave. Some versions for the legend vary here. In one version, the e Pied Piper kept them there until he was paid by the town for his services. In most versions, the children were never to be seen again.

July 23 - National Hot Dog Day - Its summertime! Hot dogs are everywhere - they are center stage on the grill, and at picnics all across America. They are at the ballpark. They are sold from carts on street corners in every city. It's not hard to find them. We consume hundreds of millions of hot dogs on the Fourth of July alone.

July 23 - Vanilla Ice Cream Day - Vanilla or chocolate? don't have to fuss over the decision today! yummy yummy yum in my tummy and fun for the taste buds too!

July 24 - Cousins Day - I happened to miss my family reunion because it was scheduled on the same weekend that I was at summer camp. shame, I do have a lot of cousins and it is always fun times when we get together to talk about our favorite people - each others parents!

July 24 - Emilia Earhart Day - This day celebrates the birth of Amelia Earhart on July 24, 1897. Besides the whole disappearance of Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan whilst they were on a record setting attempt to fly around the world, when they became lost in the Pacific Ocean. On July 2, 1937, they headed on a difficult leg of the journey towards Howell Island in the Pacific. Weather conditions were less than ideal. Ultimately, radio communications faded and died. The plane was never heard from again. The life of Amelia is way too interesting! To this day, theories and speculation still exists about the cause of the disappearance. Some theories involve conspiracies, and even alien abductions.

July 25 - Culinarians Day - Today is a fantastic day for anyone who cooks. That means just about everyone of us get to celebrate this day. You don't have to be a chef, or a graduate of a culinary institute to celebrate today, you simply have to cook and enjoy.

July 25 - Threading the Needle Day - The term "thread the needle" is a saying that means to either walk a fine and difficult line between two things or issues, or to do something difficult, so you could use today to try and help 2 friends patch it up OR you could use today to patch up some old jeans or sewing on all of those buttons sitting on your dresser that you have been putting off for (admit it) a while now!

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