Sunday, July 26, 2009

Holiday Previews for the Week

July 26 - All or Nothing Day - makes me want to sing a song like "it's now or never...". I suppose today is just a gamble, seeing as it's Sunday I may just pick nothing and relax!

July 26 - Aunt and Uncle Day - I remember when I was (ehem) younger and I would happen to remember this holiday and think "huh?!? my aunts/uncles will never realize that even KNEW about this holiday!" and now that the wheels have turned and I am the aunt, well I am pretty sure I will not be getting any witty greeting cards telling me what a fantastic job I am doing in my aunt duties...just as well!

July 26 - Parent's Day - In 1994, President William Clinton proclaimed the fourth Sunday in July as National Parents Day. Today is not a day of gift giving. That's for Mother's Day and Father's Day. The best way to mark this day is by spending time with your parents doing something fun. Its also important that you let them how how much they are loved and appreciated.

July 27 - Take Your Pants for a Walk Day - well, you need to be wearing said pants when you take them out around the block - that's the whole point! to get yourself out and doing some exercises! chop chop

July 28 - National Milk Chocolate Day - ooooooo, my kind of hol- i- day! I will admit that dark chocolate is my favorite but I won't be bad, I will duly pay my respects today

July 29 - National Lasagna Day - LASAGNA?!?!? how could one say no to that one? yeah, I know it's hot and all but with some chilled wine - I could enjoy celebrating today!

July 30 - National Cheesecake Day - man o man, what a week! today is a PERFECT day to jump and skip downtown and get myself a Key Lime Chocolate covered Cheese Cake on a Stick. Yes you read me write, and you do not know what you are missing until you try one of these babies! rich and sweet, cool and refreshing all on a stick. Yumness at it's best.

July 30 - Father-in-Law Day - If I had a father in law I would take him downtown to get a Key Lime Chocolate covered Cheese Cake on a Stick!

July 31 - Mutt's Day - To all mutts and and mutt owners, we hope you thoroughly enjoy Mutt's Day. Spend the day relaxing and doing all the things you and your dog like to do. Do so with both of your chins held high. For your mutt is worth a million bucks!

August 1 - National Mustard Day - celebrates the "King of the Condiments". I suppose I will have to have a hot dog today as that is how I best enjoy my mustard.

August 1 - National Raspberry Cream Pie Day - With the arrival of ripe berries, it is time to make and enjoy some of your favorite dessert treats. I would truly enjoy being able to try some raspberry cream pie.


jacque4u2c said...

National Milk Chocolate day!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!

Aly Beth said...

That bracelet made my heart sing! haha