Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday's Share

Have I talked about my Soopsee site?
This is a real simple way to set yourself up with an extra portal to your Etsy sales. You go to and set up your profile/portfolio/etc and then you link it to your Etsy shop. You then get emails from Soopsee telling you it is time to sinc in with your Etsy shop, you go to your soopsee and with the one click it uploads your new listings and deletes your sales so that it is updated. SO EASY! you can also use Soopsee to organize all of your online venues - you can even have it set up to that your newest blog posts are there too! Your fans can go to your soopsee page and have a link to all of your shops and blogs AND with one click they are taken to your shop for quick and easy purchasing options! And if you Twitter then you can click your items and upload to your Twitter account!

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