Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 29 - Electronic Greetings Day - Hop on an electronic greeting card site, and send a few animated cards today. Don't just limit the fun to today. The online greeting card sites have cards for every day of the year.

November 29 - Square Dance Day - Well, Dosey do!! English, Irish, and Scottish settlers brought square dancing to the U.S. As it evolved in the U.S., a caller was added to help dancers stay in step. It remains popular among southern and western rural areas, and with senior citizens. Have fun with this one

November 30 - Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day -

December 1 - Eat a Red Apple Day - Because apples are nutritious AND good for you! you should eat an apple EVERY day!

December 1 - World Aids Awareness Day - HIV/AIDS is one of the worlds biggest medical crises. It is estimated that approximately 40 million people in the world currently have aids. One million of them, are in the United States. Each year, over 40,000 new cases are reported in the U.S. This day is noted around the world, by fundraisers and educational programs, and events.

December 2 - National Fritters Day - A fritter is a fried cake or dough with fruit or meats inside. Delicious and fun to eat at festivals and carnivals, but you can make some at home and share them with friends and family today.

December 3 - National Roof over Your Head Day - Basically a day to take note of and appreciate the things that we DO have. Stop whining about that flat screen you didn't get because they were all out. Many people are on the streets without a home, now more than ever.

December 4 - Santa's' List Day - Santa's elves have been filing all year long and today is the big day when Santa reviews those 2 famous lists: the naughty list and the nice list. Let's hope I made it to the nice list (tired of getting coal )

December 4 - Wear Brown Shoes Day - push back the usual tennis (sports) shoe and those classic black pumps: today all of you brown shoes shine! let's hope we have some socks to coordinate!

December 5 - Bathtub Party Day - that's right: there is a party in the tub today - it's up to you to invite someone or not!

December 5 - Repeal Day - I'll drink to that!
In the early 1900's, many of the good people of America believed that alcohol was the root cause of many social ills in the country. Prohibition on a national scale, was promoted in part by the American Christian Women's Temperance Union. This movement grew in popularity. Ultimately, the United States Congress passed the 18th amendment on January 16, 1919. The 16th Amendment prohibited the manufacture, transportation, sale and consumption of alcohol.
The ban on alcohol did little to improve the social conditions of the country, or to reduce crime. Rather, crime increased as racketeers got into the the business of making and selling alcohol. The popularity of the 18th Amendment waned. More and more people and groups sought it's repeal.
Congress passed the 21st Amendment, effectively repealing the 18th Amendment. On December 5, 1933, the State of Utah voted it's approval of the 21st Amendment, achieving the 3/4 of states need to approve this amendment. Thus on this day, the 18th Amendment was formally repealed.