Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tech Tools

OMG! I just have to blog about this one right away - well, I just found out about it.
Cr8tivity.com is a pretty cool site, they offer Etsy sellers a simple way to view things like who hearts you and your shop statistics, we've seen these things right. Well
There is an Inventory helper, which is an Excel file download (csv format) of your current listings as it is returned by the Etsy API. You can open it in MS Excel or OpenOffice. It contains the columns Listing Id, State, Title, Creation Date, Number of Views, Price, Expiration Date, Quantity, Section Title, Sold?, Listing Fee, Selling Fee, Shipping Fee, and Date Sold. Use it to keep track of your inventory.

Also offers you a simple way to pull up an item in your shop (it carries over your listings for you) and with a simple click you can create a flyer to print and use. It also allows you to edit your listings description and cost for the flyer: very cool!! But even COOLER is the slide show widget - (*so exited*), they automatically pull up all of your Etsy listings and put it in a slide show, you need only copy and Post the html into your blog layout!! YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY IT!!! You can see mine in the upper right hand corner, I did it in 2 minutes: REALLY! and you don't even have to go through all that registration/sign in stuff.

THank you Cr8tivity.com, today - you are my hero :)

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Bridget said...

very cool, thanks for sharing, & thanks for following my blog.