Sunday, October 4, 2009

Holiday Previews for the Week

October 4 - National Golf Day - The Professional Golfer's Association (PGA) created and sponsors National Golf Day. It has been held every year since 1952. The first event was held at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club, in Lemont, Il. The first event raised $80,000 for charities. Did You Know that at the very first National Golf Day event, celebrities Bob Hope, Dean Martin, and Jerry Lewis were in attendance.

October 4 - National Frappe Day - The dictionary definition of Frappes is that it is an ice cream beverage drink. So, what's with all the fuss? Isn't that just a Milk shake? I dunno, in any case they are yummy and I will not deprive myself of celebrating this day.

October 4 - Oktoberfest in Germany ends - The very first Oktoberfest was held on October 12, 1810. It was held to commemorate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig (King Ludwig 1) to Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The wedding took place on October 12th, and a great horse race (in celebration of the marriage) was held a few days later on October 17th. The marriage was celebrated annually, and came to be known as Oktoberfest. Early Oktoberfest celebrations were held in October. The festival was eventually moved to September, as the weather was better earlier in the Fall. Oktoberfest has been held annually since 1810. Throughout this time, it has been canceled a few times, due to wars, and once due to a major Cholera outbreak (1854) in the region. Over the years, the festival grew. Carnival booths appeared. Beer became a central theme, and flowed freely. Food was a big part of the festivities. And, later rides were added. Millions of people annually flock to Oktoberfest in Munich.

October 5 - Do Something Nice Day - Doing something nice for someone almost always evokes a very pleasant response. At the very least, it results in a smile. More likely, that person will do something nice to, or for you. And, best of all, doing something nice just might be contagious. In keeping with the spirit of this day, set a goal to do something nice for someone.

October 5 - World Teacher's Day - World Teachers' Day was initiated by the Director-General of UNESCO, Federico Mayor, at the International Conference on Education in Geneva in 1993. On October 5, 1966, a UNESCO and the International Labour Organisation conference adopted a special recommendation on Teachers. The date of this event was selected as the date to annually honor and recognize teachers around the world.

October 6 - Come and Take it Day - Today is Come and Take It Day. This day is here for the taking. Grab it. Take it and run with it, and most of all have fun with it!

October 6 - Mad Hatter Day - I love The Mad Hatter! Especially the one to come with Tim Burtons movie!!! The Mad Hatter is always acting silly. So, on Mad Hatter Day, it is only fair and fitting to act a little silly yourself. The Mad Hatter wears a top hat. On the front of the hat is a slip of paper with "10/6" written on it. The paper is believed to be an order to make the hat, and that it costs ten shillings sixpence.

October 6 - Physician Assistant Day - The profession of Physician's Assistant was created in 1965 by Dr. Eugene Stead at Duke Medical Center. The first physician assistants graduated from Duke University on October 6, 1967. Since then, this job has grown to tens of thousands of people.

October 7 - Bald and Free Day - Bald and Free Day honors those of us with a beautiful, shiny top. You don't' have to be bald to celebrate this day. But, it helps. People who are married to, or related to a bald headed person can celebrate with the honoree.

October 7 - World Smile Day - Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts created the smiley face in 1963. The State Mutual Life Assurance Company hired Harvey as a free lance artist to create a smiley face for use in improving company morale. From there, the bright and cheerful smiley grew in popularity. It's popularity grew slowly at first. Then, it exploded in the 1970's. Ultimately, the smiley became wildly popular. There is some controversy over the smiley's creation. French entrepreneur named Franklin Loufrani claimed to have invented it in 1968. In 1971 he patented it in 80 countries. World Smile Day celebrates the ever popular yellow smiley. It also offers us an opportunity to do an act of kindness. According to the World Smile Day website, a proclamation of this day was made by the U.S. Congress. Now that should put a smiley on your face.

October 8 - American Touch Tag Day - today is a day to play Touch Tag. That' s right the child's game of Tag. Touch Tag is probably the most popular child's game in America. Almost all kids have played some version of it.

October 9 - Curious Events Day - Curious Events Day kinda peaks one's curiosity. Why does this day exist? Who created it? What curious events are held today? The questions go on, and on, and on...... If you have a questioning and curious mind, this is your day. It encourages you to hold some kind of event that peak's one's curiosity. The topics are broad and seemingly endless, from philosophical subjects, to the existence of aliens. The only requirement is that the event must tantalize, and cater to our curiosity.

October 9 - Fire Prevention Day - According to legend, on October 8, 1871, Mrs. O'Leary was in her barn, milking her cow. The cow kicked over a lamp which started the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The fire burned for over 27 hours. When it was over, more than 300 people were killed, 100,000 people were left homeless, and over 17,00 structures were destroyed. The Great Chicago fire sparked major efforts in fire prevention. Forty years later, the Fire Marshall's Association of North America(FMANA) held the first Fire Prevention Day. In 1920 , President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Fire Prevention Week. Did You Know that dalmatians became fire dogs because they were often kept around the horses at fire houses to guard them.
"EDITH" stand for "Exit Drills In The Home". Today is a good day to have a practice drill.

October 9 - Leif Erikson Day - Around 1002 A.D., Leif Erikson sailed to North America from his home in Greenland. He went in search of a land seen(but not visited) by a Norse Sea Captain. During the voyage, he landed in a number of places. The landings were never documented in a map. It is believed he landed along the coast of New Foundland, and perhaps as far south as near Cape Cod. Erikson and his men spent the winter in North America. They built a large house for lodging , and a shed to shelter the boat over the long winter. Leif Erikson never returned to further explore North America. A number of explorers, including his brother, travelled to North America. His brother was killed by Indians. In 1964, a joint resolution of Congress declared October 9th as Leif Erikson Day.

October 9 - Moldy Cheese Day - Ewww, maybe this should just be Clean out your Fridge Day?!? and if you find moldy cheese, take a slice off each side. The insides should still be good. Did you Know? Mold is common in cheese. Its part of what gives a particular cheese flavor and character. For example, the blue stuff in Blu Cheese is mold.

October 9 - World Egg Day - Aside from high cholesterol, eggs are a healthy food. High in nutrition, and low in fat, people all over the world enjoy eggs. And, they celebrate eggs on this day. Ways to celebrate World Egg Day:
First and foremost, eat some eggs today.
Learn more about the health benefits of eggs.
Have an Egg Hunt. Who says egg hunts are only at Easter!?
Hold a debate with the question: "Which came first, the chicken or the Egg?"
Have an Egg throwing contest. It's a big sport in Great Britain.
Read an eggy story to your child. We suggest reading "The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg"

October 10 - International Newspaper Carrier Day - This day commemorates the hiring of the very first newspaper carrier. Newspaper carriers date back to the early 1800s. On September 10, 1833, 10 year old Barney Flaherty became the first newspaper carrier. Benjamin Day, publisher of The New York Sun, hired Barney Flaherty to sell papers for his penny press. The only job requirement, was that he had to show that he could throw a newspaper into the bu shes.

October 10 - National Angel Food Cake Day - My FAVE!! a GREAT day it is to make an angel food cake. When I do not have much time I run to the store and buy a premade one out of the bakery, take it home and have fun with it. I cut it in layers and add yummies in between like pudding on one layer and preserves on another layer and then I top it with yummy whip cream. (I started doing this since my dad cannot have sugar - I would buy a sugar free angel food cake, sugar free pudding and sugar free preserves and this way he could enjoy some dessert with the rest of us!)

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