Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tues Tech Tool

How cool is this huh?

Bing & Google
If you’re a big Google fan and are not sure whether you want to rely solely on Bing, you may want to try the
Bing & Google
site to get the best of both worlds. Using an interesting approach, Bing & Google passes your search term to both search engines and then uses a frame-like interface to display the results side by side


She Just Got Married said...

Well then THERE YA GO!! I'm going to try it out right now! :-)
So...I would LOVE for you to blog about our site/blog/boutique/uber cool community for newlywed women! Check it out and feel free to contact me at info@shejustgotmarried.com
Thank you <3

Together We Save said...

Very cool.