Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Fab Finds

1000 Markets is an online market place focused on supporting small, artisan businesses as they deliver small-scale authenticity to appreciative customers.
You can find everything from art and jewelry to food and house decor. Search by product, artist , themes or staff faves. 1000 Markets founder Matthew Trifiro says his goal is to have a more personalized online marketplace where "markets" are based by theme, locale, process, or medium, to make for easier browsing.
One of the things I liked about joining 1000 Markets is the fact that sellers must go through a rigorous filtering system. I was forced to "clean up my act" a bit and that is good - it helps with marketing and it is also nice to know that through this process some of the "riff-raff" is filtered out as opposed to some of the other online market places that are only there to make their money's. Having a place like this to sell guarantees us sellers a better place to earn our moneys.


alexkeller said...

I have looked at 1000 markets before, but don't really know if I'd like to open another shop. I have a jewelry one on Etsy, and 2 vintage shops - one Etsy and just a small one on Artfire. What did you mean by cleaning up your act?

RecreationalArt said...

well, my avatar was not clear enough so I had to change it in order to open shop (which I am glad I did - I got stuck in a rut), then my banner was not a good size so the pixels were off and as much as I tried to fix it they would not accept it so I made a new one and once again it did a world of difference.

Miss jane said...