Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Madness

ahhhhhh August, the name alone triggers the thought of Autumn, which - to me - triggers the thought of auburns and ambers...see the connection? fall colors - which make me think of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, sweet potato pie...ok, ok somehow I ALWAYS end up thinking of food..........speaking of food....ANOTHER one of my Florida Etsy Street Team
members is having a giveaway! My street team ROCKS!!

Kelly over at Happy Shack Designs has created this beautiful pendant for her August giveaway and she is planning on picking the winner on September 3rd so even though I know you are thinking "...well I have plenty of time for that..." NO! Don't do it! Don't wait - because you KNOW you will forget then the end of the month will roll around and you will be sitting there in front of your computer thinking "now where was that giveaway with that awesome pendant full of autumn colors that I would LUV to wear with my fancy dress when I am invited to Thanksgiving dinner, I read that on someone's blog, but who's blog was that????" then you'll spend HOURS going through your blog mates trying to toggle your memory and THEN you will get side tracked with that one blog that tells you all about how to make the perfect pot holder and then you will see a picture of a kitty and then it will be all gone because kitties are cute and then after half an hour looking at kitty pics you will realize it's time to go to your yoga class and you havn't even shaved your legs yet .....and then well you know better than me: you'll skip yoga, have a brownie and play solitair for 40 minutes. aaaahhhh so now you've already forgotten huh? I thought so! It's http://Happy Shack Designs. now go