Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday's Fab Finds

I could not wait to share this find! There is a super non profit site, powered by Etsy API out there for Etsy users called

Someone has been working hard I tell you! has THE FEATURATOR! This nifty tool can send you an e-mail every time you get featured on Etsy's front page! All you need to do is enter your Etsy user name and your e-mail address and press Subscribe and you are in the loop dee loop!

there is also THE VULTRAC which is much like the heart-o-matic tool that allows you to track your shop's item views. All you need to do, is type in your Etsy shop name and press View! Then every time you go back the tool will tell you how many people have viewed your items as of your last checking! With all this, it's quite useful for tracking your views when you add new items, or renew existing ones!

Ever wonder who your biggest fan is? well this site has a BIGGEST FAN finder, just put in your etsy shop name and it will let you know who is your number one stalker..I mean.. fan.

Ever try to figure out that Colormatic part of Etsy? There is a nifty little tool that can show you which color Etsy thinks a listing is. It's this color value which is used for the Color Search feature. Unfortunately, due to a bug in Etsy's color evaluation routine, or something related to it, most listings appear to be white to Etsy. If you want to know what color a listing is to Etsy's eyes, simply enter its ID and press Get Color!, after which a box with the item's color will appear.

Ok, there is more there to discover and I have told you enough already...chop chop now and be sure to share this one with your fellow Etsians because the better we all work together as a team the stronger we will be to craft the world away...weeeeeeee

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Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Oooh, that DOES sound helpful! Will have to check it out! Though I find myself enjoying some sports considered extreme, I will NOT be checking out the sports below! heh heh