Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here is the link to a website that offers something VERY exciting and VERY much needed by many. We have and use one:

In a nutshell, this will offer internet connectivity for many, separate from the primary internet connection. Huh? Ok, let’s say you own a coffee shop that offers free WiFi. That connection is not secure so it is vulnerable to hacking, Trojans, viruses and so forth. The guestgate solves that problem by assigning each user their own address…separate from yours! You use your own security measures and each user uses their own personal security measures. When that user disconnects from the guestgate, it frees up the address that was assigned. Do you have a WiFI at your home and when people come over they ask to get on your Internet connection? The same actions will be taken by the guestgate as described above. Your guests can surf without you having to worry!
This is really worth the time to check out! It is not expensive to most people or organizations. Even though the guestgate is reasonably priced, we are able to give a little more of a break on this item. Just email us if you have questions.
Again…it will really be worth your time and effort to check out the website. Enjoy, and when you purchase one, please share your thoughts on our Blog!

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