Thursday, April 30, 2009

Planning an Eagle Court of Honors

I don't know if any of you out there have had to plan an Eagle Court of Honors or have been to one or plans on going to one, but let me tell you - it's like planning a wedding! The scout himself decides more or less how he wants it: casual vs elegant, location, etc.. then the parents put it together. And it is suggested that it gets put together within 3 months after the boy earns his Eagle. You have to send out requests for letters of commendation and then you have to send out the invitations, plan the food, put togehter the actual ceremony, get speakers, order Eagle decorations, flags, banners, plan the music, lighting, etc., etc.. Let's just say that it is way more than I expected! And since family and friends are coming in from out of town to attend this ceremony you have to plan for accomodations and the planning and preparing of what everyone is going to do while in town - so ofcourse there HAS to be a sunday bbq to have everyone gather in a more casual and sociable scene. YEAH - you know it all sounds like FUN! So this is what I have been doing with my time. And then to top it the mother is supposed to put together and present a scrapbook to the Eagle scout at the ceremony: an idea which I LUV, I just wish I had the time to enjoy putting it together, and ofcourse I have put it off till the last minute so you can imagine the late nights I will have this week!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday's Share is a great place to go if you are an Etsy seller and would like to find out more about what's happening in our Etsy world. I have found some awesome blogging tips on this web site (they hold challenges which seem really fun!). They tell you how to go about those giveaways if that is what you are interested in. There are lot's of chit-chatting going on here and there is a great talk about Etsy forums and how it helps you promote your shop, and let's face it - we can all go for some free promotions!! It's all about Etsians helping Etsians in the Handmade Marketing world. You can click on the button in my side bar to go straight there. Hurry!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tues Tech Tools

Here is another program my husband uses, recommends and installs for clients. We have this on all our computers and I have seen it find stuff other programs missed. According to my husband, no one program will detect every threat, so he recommends people use a couple programs in order to combat that issue. Spybot – Search & Destroy is a super program (FREE) and, of course, offers an upgrade for a small charge. They also provide a link in case you would like to donate any amount of money to the company.
Spybot - Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively new kind of threat not yet covered by common anti-virus applications. Spyware silently tracks your surfing behaviour to create a marketing profile for you that is transmitted without your knowledge to the compilers and sold to advertising companies. If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you haven't intentionally installed, if your browser crashes inexplicably, or if your home page has been "hijacked" (or changed without your knowledge), your computer is most probably infected with spyware. Even if you don't see the symptoms, your computer may be infected, because more and more spyware is emerging. Spybot-S&D is free, so there's no harm giving it a try to see if something has invaded your computer.
Here is the link Spybot-Search & Destroy.
I have actually down this download myself, as well as run the program on my desk top and lap top. You can do this! If I can do it…anyone can do it!
As always… To keep my “agreement” with my husband…, I want to [his terms] let everyone reading this technical tips part of my blog to understand that anything I tell you about are things that he uses all the time in his business so I feel that they must really be good but you must use at your own discretion. Also, he wants everyone to know that this is not a cheap plug for Spybot – Search & Destroy, he has just found this to be an extremely effective program is VERY user friendly. Whatever you choose to use, remember to take the time to keep it current with the latest updates. Window users…make sure you do all the Windows updates!
Remember the old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Man…I’m starting to turn into my husband…..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Madness is the mother of giveaways for Etsians XD. How happy i was to find this blogspot - I mean it's all about Etsy, which I am all about AND it has constant giveaways, which is my Monday Madness x's a cagillion! I mean I counted up to 50 giveaways going on right now and that's when I stopped counting!! and if you have an Etsy page and you want to get in on the action of the giving away this is a perfect page to start.
double click don't dally over there, you can use their button in my sidebar to start the winning...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Holiday Previews for the week

April 26 - Administrative Professionals or Secretary's Day - We all have a secretary in our lives - maybe at work or the dental all you Executive Admins: I salute you!!

April 26 - Hug an Australian Day - Do you know an Australian? Go ahead and give them a big bear hug ...and another from me because I don't know one. :(

April 26 - National Pretzel Day -This is a no brainer - Must go the the picture show! Where else will I get the best pretzels?? Did you know that pretzels are believed to be the world's oldest snack. Pretzels date back to 610AD in Southern France. Monks baked thin strips of dough into the shape of a child's arms folded in prayer. Add a little salt, and Voila! ...the pretzel industry was born. Thank the Lord!

April 26 - Richter Scale Day - Born on April 26, 1900, American seismologist Charles F. Richter (1900–1985) invented the Richter Scale in 1935. The Richter Scale measures the amount of energy released by an earthquake by measuring the magnitude or seismic waves produced by an earthquake. The Richter Scale measures from 0 to 9. On the scale, each increase in number represents an earthquake 10 times more powerful. At any case we appreciate this genius!

April 27 - Babe Ruth Day honors one of Baseball's greatest players ever! On April 27, 1947, Babe Ruth attended Yankee Stadium for Babe Ruth Day. It was to be the second last time he was at the stadium. In 1946, Babe Ruth was diagnosed with Throat Cancer.

April 27 - National Prime Rib Day - Break out the BBQ mammasitas - today let the men play in the outdoor kitchen and sit back and relax and enjoy a big, thick, juicy cut of prime rib, cooked perfectly to your liking.

April 27 - Tell a Story Day - Oh, shucks I celebrate this day all the time!!

April 28 - Great Poetry Reading Day - There's lots of poetry out there - some good and some not really doesn't matter: just enjoy some about a poetry reading hour?!?

April 28 - Kiss Your Mate Day - Oh yeah,it's smoochalistic day!

April 29 - Greenery Day - How about a walk in the park? or a day of gardening? Japanese Greenery Day celebrates the birthday of Japanese Emperor Hirohito. In Japanese culture, Greenery day is a time to commune with nature and to be thankful and appreciative of it's abundance.

April 29 - National Shrimp Scampi Day - Are you kidding me? A brilliant excuse to go out and enjoy some yyyyuuummmi scampi?!?! I'm there!

April 30 - Hairstyle Appreciation Day - Like we need an excuse to express our individuality through our hairstyles. How about changing it up by going to the salon today and getting a new do!

April 30 - National Honesty Day encourages us to be honest today, and everyday. We honestly believe you try your best to be honest. Be careful guys though when you are asked "Do you like my new hairstyle?" Respect the Day!

May 1 - Astronomy Day - Get out your telescope peeps this is the day to turn off the tube and sit out in the back yard and enjoy the skies - Astronomy Day was created in 1973. It was started by Doug Berger, president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California.

May 1 - May Day - celebrated around the world with many different meanings the first day of May is a celebrations of spring, flowers and mother nature. To communist and socialist countries, it is a celebration for the workers. In many countries it is celebrated as part of a one to three day holiday. Of particular note, it is not a national holiday in the United States, except in Hawaii where it is known as "Lei Day".

May 1 - Loyalty Day is an opportunity to express and reaffirm our loyalty to our country and resolve to uphold the vision of our Forefathers. In proclaiming this day, President George W. Bush wrote: "We express allegiance to our Nation and its founding ideals, we resolve to ensure that the blessings of liberty endure and extend for generations to come." We should also take a moment to appreciate the members of our armed forces who are displaying the ultimate in loyalty and service to protect our freedoms, and liberty, and our way of life.....especially in these times.

May 1 - Mother Goose Day - The term "Mother Goose" dates back to the 1650's. It refered to stories like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty. It does not appear to represent a particular person, as many of "Mother Goose" stories were written both before and after this term was first used. And, the stories were written by numerous authors. In any case Mother Goose stories are just plain fun to read!! I'm gonna have to break into my sons treasure chest

May 1 - Save the Rhino Day - Simply founded to raise awareness about this fascinating creature. Native to Africa, this leftover from the age of Dinosaurs was hunted to near extinction. Hunters on safaris, killed Rhinos just for sport. Poachers hunted them for their horn. The horn has been used as medicine, and for making knife handles, carved statues, and other objects. Animal rights groups have helped to save this animal from extinction, and their numbers have rebounded somewhat.
May 2 - Baby Day - I can act like a baby! O.k. no, this is a day to celebrate the babies in our lives...or to plan for the babies of our future ;). Today would be a great day to go find the old black and white silent movie "Baby Day" that aired in 1913.

May 2 - Brothers and Sisters Day - Basically a day to get in touch with your siblings and have fun!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday's Fab Finds

If you are an Etsy seller you must know about this one! has a free web-based tool can be used to easily calculate Etsy fees (and optionally PayPal fees) for any amount.

It also supports multiple quantity listings and has a special field for your "cost of materials". Now you can quickly determine your what your Etsy fees would be and how much profit you can make from selling an item on He also has calculators for Amazon and Ebay!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bird Watching in St. Augustine

I spent the day in my garden, it just seemed like the thing to do today and boy oh boy am I glad I did!! I had a blast, thanks to the funny, interesting, beautiful critters that visit my yard. This is what I saw today:
There is a family of Norther Cardinals buzzing in and out between feeders and water fountain, and really - they fly low and fast and you gotta watch out!:

there were 3 male

and one female

Painted Buntings - they were playing in the bushes, mostly the males were fighting for the females but they visited the feeders on and off all day.
There was a pair of Grey Catbirds that were being coy jumping in and out of the bushes probably picking out the worms

This little family of Purple finches were a blast to watch! There was a Daddy and a Mommy and I think 3 babies that kept peep-peep-peeping their parents to feed them:

The humming bird buzzed by so quickly I couldn't see what kind it was! Looked like it was plain green though!
Then there is the Carolina Wren pair

- now these I love! How can such a small bird have such a LOUD song?? These sweeties are nesting in my moms mailbox (she lives across the street) and there are 4 little sweet babies in there, every time I peek they pretend that they can't see me!
and then there was this sweet surprise:

I was so surprised to see this, I think it's a Black and White Warbler. It was shy and didn't stay long :(
The little Titmouse family always visits the yard and there were several other finches that moved too fast for me to get my I said - I really enjoyed just laying back and enjoying myself

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesdays Share

Unofficial Etsy News is for the Etsians out there that just want more info. At you can find out what's what and who's who on Etsy. You can stay up to date with all the news and even run through the archives to see what you have missed. Read up on the policies new and old and see what's in store for the future. It is really worth the while if you want to make the best of your selling experiences on your Etsy site.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


If you work online with pictures and do not have a program to use, or don't like the program you are using you should try irfanview! At you can download for free this awesome program that helps you crop, zoom, re size, sharpen and play with your pictures and then you can save your pics to your computer and upload them to your website, blog or emails. I am pretty clue-less when it comes to this kind of stuff so when my husband suggested I try it I was skeptical, but oh boy am I glad I did!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Madness does awesome giveaways and right now there is a great giveaway going on by a fellow Etsy Shop

you should get right over and read the really great interview and see what you can win - just click on her button in my sidebar and have fun!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Holiday Previews for the Week

April 19 - Garlic Day - Oh now don't be all Alliumphobic about this one! Besides being considered a vegetable as well as an herb, garlic holds many medicinal qualities as well as warding off evil spirits! Did you know that the besides helping fight off colds, lowering blood cholesterol, reducing plaque in our arteries helping with toothaches and warding off acne and warts garlic has Phytochemicals in garlic are believed to provide protection against heart disease and cancer. And besides: garlic is just plain good!!

April 20 - Look Alike Day - So basically if you don't have a twin or someone that looks like you then you just go out and find someone you wanna be for the day and dress like them, talk like them and act like them. It's not meant to be a bad's like you admire them so much you want to be like them!

April 20 - Patriot's Day - "The Red Coats are coming!" "The Red Coats are coming!" Patriot's Day commemorates the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. This battle began the American Revolutionary War. It also honors the "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere", you know that evening when Paul Revere rode through the town on his horse.
To New Englander's, it is a big, big day. In the states in New England, it's a holiday with a day off of work. Banks, schools, post offices, and businesses have the day off.

April 20 - Volunteer Recognition Day - This day is to honor all of those people that make the world go round! These are the people that really make the difference by their dedication to causes, helping people and animals in need, saving our planet and plain helping out people that need it. The true volunteer does not even seek recognition for what they do. So go out there and thank those people that do the volunteering and take an extra step and volunteer yourself!

April 21 - Kindergarten Day - Do you remember your kindergarten? I do!! I remember the room, the crayons, the pictures, the pretty colors! Kindergarten Day is celebrated in honor of Friedrich Froebel. He was born on this day in 1782. In 1837, he started the first Kindergarten in Germany. It became popular quickly. Kindergartens were originally a 1/2 day to get children acclimated into learning, social interaction, and school, in a fun, yet educational manner. Kindergarten has evolved in most areas into a full time program. This is partly the result of increasing pressures on education, and partly due to the increase in working mothers in America.

April 22 - Girl Scout Leader Day began on April 22, 1982, when a flag honoring Girl Scout leaders was flown over the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. This day honors the thousands of volunteers who help to make the Girl Scout program a success. You go Girl Scout Leaders!!!!

April 22 - National Jelly Bean Day - Most appropriate that this day is just around Easter time! With unlimited flavors this will be a most joyful day to celebrate! Although the original candy maker of the jelly bean is unknown Jelly beans date back to at least the 1860's. Advertisements promoted sending jelly beans to Union troops fighting in the Civil War.

April 23 - Lover's Day - One of the most popular days for getting married, lover's day is another excuse to smooch and hooch with your lovey dovey!

April 23 - National Zucchini Bread Day - The best Zucchini Bread I've had was made and sold at the Rodheaver Boys Ranch, located 12 miles south of Palatka, Florida on the historic St. Johns River. The Ranch is an incorporated not for profit 501 charity and does not receive federal, state or county funding so they do a lot of fundraising and sell these YUMMY loaves of bread.

April 23 - Take a Chance Day - as ABBA said in 1977 "Take a Chance on me!", today is just a day to go out and do what you normally wouldn't chance, no gain!

April 23 - World Laboratory Day - Ahhh, a day to celebrate the places where great discoveries, inventions, and medical cures are born. Do you have a mad scientist in your life? Surprise them with a great big thank you! because countless ideas, concepts and theories are tested in laboratories. Most of the world's greatest medical treatments and cures were discovered and perfected in laboratories, after endless study and testing. Products coming out of laboratories have helped and aided mankind in many, many ways. Super day for sure!

April 24 - Etsy Day - Simple a day to go out there and promote Etsy. The idea is to create a mystery about Etsy. We want to educate the public by throwing the word out there in mass numbers without telling them what it is, thereby getting people to notice it everywhere, wonder about it, talk to people, and eventually researching it on the Internet. United we can make a difference

April 24 - Pig in a Blanket Day - How to celebrate this day you ask?!: Make some pancakes. Wrap the sausage inside of the pancake. Add maple syrup. Then, chow down. Simple, good.

April 25 - East meets West Day - on this day many sports hold annual East vs. West games. Most often, its held by high school sports teams. Not only for sports though! So go on and host a East vs. West knitting day to get groups to interact and get to know each other!

April 25 - World Penguin Day coincides with the annual northward migration of penguins. This happens each year on or around April 25th. Penguins do not fly. Rather, they walk, or waddle. Penguin Awareness Day, and World Penguin Day are great opportunities to learn about and appreciate one of the few natives of Antarctica. On these days, spend a little time learning about them.... a pictorial book or Internet site is fun. You can also watch a documentary of these cute and popular, grounded birds, wear black and white, tell penguin jokes (but don't disrespect), watch the movie or go to Nickelodean and watch my favorite Penguins of Madagascar!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Fab Finds

If you're interested in handcrafted artisan work, anything from fine art to practical items handmade for everyday use, you will find a home at The Artisan Co-op is a place where artists and patrons gather to share their love of craft, to create freely, to learn and grow. offers tools to help those interested in handcrafted work locate items and artists. It's all easy and free. Just Click on the button in my side bar and check it out!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday's Share

Have to till your yard and don't have the right tool? Need to read a book for school and can't find it? . is a venue site that allows registered users to inventory their collection of books, CD ’s, DVD’s, games, tools and miscellaneous items and lend or borrow within their “neighborhood” of friends, physical neighborhood, social or work groups. The Site is owned and operated by QR ink LLC (“QR ink”). To use Neighborrow you have to sign an agreement - understandably, but once you get moving around in your community it can be a great tool~ especially in these times

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This week my husband, who is a security conscious techno-geek, thought that this article from one of his favorite “tecky-newsletters” might be helpful. He won the discussion with me and convinced me ;) to go ahead and purchase a 42’ flat screen.
All of this mumbo-jumbo is stuff that I have been trying to figure out for a while and this all seemed to clarify it all for me - I hope it helps someone out there:
The Analog to Digital TV Switchover FAQ
For 80 years, over-the-air television signals have been broadcast in analog format. But a new federal law in the USA mandates that television stations must broadcast in digital format only, beginning February 17 June 12, 2009. This FAQ will answer your questions about digital TV, who is affected by the analog to digital switchover, and what you'll need to do.
Who is Affected?
If you have an older TV with an analog tuner, AND you use an antenna to receive over-the-air signals, you ARE affected.
If you get your TV signal from a Cable, Satellite or Fiber-Optic service provider, you are NOT affected, even if you have an analog TV. If you currently receive analog cable service (with no set-top box) you can continue to do so for at least three years after the cutover on 2/17/2009 June 12, 2009.
If your television has a digital tuner, you are NOT affected.
Is My TV Analog or Digital?
So how can you find out if your TV has a digital tuner? Usually, there will be some indication on the TV itself, or in the manual. Look for the words "Digital Tuner," "DTV Tuner," "HDTV Tuner," or "Digital Receiver."
The US government has required that all televisions shipped into or within the United States after March 1st, 2007 must contain a digital tuner. But what about old models hanging around on store shelves? Another requirement states that all TVs sold after May 25, 2007 must have a digital tuner, or be clearly labelled as not having one. So if you bought your TV within the past year or so, it's almost certainly digital.
Here's another way to check if you have a digital tuner. Many stations are already broadcasting in digital, on the UHF band. Contact your local TV station and find out what channels contain digital broadcasts. If you can tune into those channels, you've got a digital TV tuner, and you don't need to do anything.
Still not sure? Get the make and model of your TV and check it out on the manufacturer's website, or ask at a local electronics store.
Will I Need a New TV?
So you have an old analog TV. Should you toss it out and buy a digital TV? Not necessarily... You can keep ol' Bessie until she kicks the bucket, as long as you install a digital-to-analog converter box. (This is NOT the same as a cable set-top box.) The digital-to-analog converter goes between your antenna and the TV, and will convert the new digital broadcast signal to an analog signal that your analog TV can understand.
And there's no reason you can't keep those old TV's in the basement or your camper, with a VCR or DVD player hooked up. Without the digital-to-analog converter, they won't get a TV signal, but you can still use them to watch movies.
How Do I Get a Digital to Analog TV Converter?
You should be able to find these digital-to-analog converter boxes wherever TVs or electronic equipment is sold, for around $40 to $70. But you won't have to pay that much, because the government will provide every household with two $40 vouchers, good toward the purchase of these converter boxes. To request your vouchers, visit the NTIA Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Coupon Program website, or call 1-888-388-2009.
Do I Need Some Fancy Digital Antenna?
Your existing antenna should not have to be replaced, as long as you are currently able to receive UHF channels.
What About My VCR, DVD Player, etc?
Your VCR, DVD player, camcorder, gaming systems and other equipment that interfaces with your television will continue to work, no matter what kind of TV you have.
One thing to consider about your VCR, if you currently record TV shows. The digital-to-analog converter box will only convert one channel at a time. So if you want to watch digital TV on one channel, and record something on another, you'll need TWO converter boxes. To make this work, you'll need to connect a splitter to the signal that comes from the antenna, then connect one output to the converter that feeds TV and the other to the converter that feeds the VCR. You'll also lose the ability to do automatic timed recording, unless you get a converter box with a built-in timer.
Why The Switch to Digital TV?
To people who have older analog-only television sets, and rely on free over-the-air signals, the switchover from analog to digital may seem like a nuisance. So why is the government mandating that all television broadcasts be transmitted in digital format?
Part of the reason is that the FCC wants to make better use of the broadcast spectrum currently being used by analog television signals. Some of this spectrum will be licensed to companies that provide consumers with wireless broadband. And other frequencies will become available to emergency services such as police, fire departments, and rescue squads.
And part of it is keeping up with the times. Parts of Europe's TV broadcasting is digital already, and aside from national pride, digital broadcasting does provide better audio and video quality, in a more efficient manner. With digital multicasting, TV stations can transmit several channels at the same time, in the same broadcast spectrum. In addition, digital TV allows for interactivity that is not possible with analog technology.
Does This Affect ALL Television Broadcasts?
No, there are a few exceptions. The switch from analog to digital only applies to full-power TV stations, which use the public airwaves for over-the-air broadcasting.
Local "low-power" and "translator" television stations in certain rural and urban areas can continue to broadcast in analog format indefinitely. But there's one possible snafu... Some digital-to-analog converter boxes lack a feature that allows the low-power signal pass through to the analog TV. If you need to receive BOTH digital and low-power TV signals, make sure you get a converter box that has the "pass through" feature.
Is Digital TV the Same as HDTV?
No. Standard-definition TV can be broadcast in either analog or digital format. And surprise... High-definition TV (HDTV) can also be broadcast in either analog or digital format.
A "digital TV" is not necessarily HD-capable. Just remember, the "D" in "HD" does NOT stand for digital. At some point in the future, all television channels will broadcast in High-Definition, but that's not likely to happen any time soon.
(And although this is not strictly related to this FAQ, it's interesting to note that you DON'T have to subscribe to cable or satellite to get HDTV programming. There are many TV stations that broadcast HD signals over the free public airwaves. See Free HDTV on Your PC for related information.)
What are Analog and Digital Signals?
Here's a little semi-technical information on the difference between analog and digital TV signals, and why a digital signal is preferable for television broadcasting.
An analog signal is a continuous electrical wave that varies in response to changes in the sound or image being transmitted. A digital signal is a sequence of pulses. The original information is converted into a series of ON/OFF signals (bits) before being transmitted, sort of like Morse code.
Why is digital better? Digital signals can be sent for longer distances and are less prone to interference than analog signals. And since a digital signal is just a string of numbers, it can be reproduced exactly, an umlimited number of times. By contrast, analog signals cannot be copied perfectly. Each copy of an analog audio or video recording will have deterioration.
To keep my “agreement” with my husband…, I want to [his terms] let everyone reading this technical tips part of my blog to understand that anything I tell you about are things that he uses all the time in his business so I feel that they must really be good but you must use at your own discretion. Also, he wants everyone to know that this is not a cheap plug for the newsletter, but if you are inclined to read “tech stuff” that is NOT written in the typical tech-no jargon the website is
AskBobRankin Updates Newsletter….oh yeah…I am suppose to say that the newsletter is completely free.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Madness

I love promoting anything Etsy and
My Organized Chaos

is doing a great giveaway through a great Etsy site:! So go straight to the link in my side bar and visit chaos' blog to find out about the story behind the wonderful giveaway and the great prize you can win!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

I have to tell you all this: I woke up this morning and found that Peter Cotton Tail had visited my home!!!! YAY! soooo cute, after my husband and I went to bed last night my 18 year old son got up and hid Easter eggs all over the house for us! Isn't that so sweet? He knows how much I love surprises and he is just a sweet kid! made me so happy!!! Hope you all have a great day full of surprises as well!!

Holiday Previews for the week

April 12 - Big Wind Day - On April 12, 1934 the staff of the Mount Washington Observatory recorded the highest surface wind ever measured anywhere on earth. This big wind was officially recorded at 231 miles per hour. Imagine the difficulties of even making a recording under those conditions back then! There has been a beautiful breeze cutting through my back yard these past few days, I think I will sit out there and enjoy this!

April 12 - Russian Cosmonaut Day - Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space on April 12, 1961 aboard Vostok 1. He spent 108 minutes in space. This day was decreed by the USSR's Supreme Council on April 9th, 1962. But while Russia put the first man in space, The United States went on to be the first to put a man on the moon. Hoorah.

April 13 - Blame Someone Else Day - Yeah, see this is more my kind of day. I am a pro at blaming others for ...really anything..and getting away at it. Problem is the people that know me have learned well from me and the blame can turn back on me..hmmm...

April 13 - Dyngus Day is always the Monday after Easter and is a very popular Polish Holiday. After the long Lenten holiday Dyngus Day is a pretty interesting holiday! So - the guys get to go around trying to get the ladies wet! Yes, sprinkling or drenching with water is the goal. Boys chase after the ladies with squirt guns, buckets, or other containers of water and the more bold and gallant boys, may choose to use cologne. Gently hitting the ladies on the legs with switches or pussy willows is also common. But wait! the ladies get to take their revenge on Tuesday, when tradition has it that the girls can throw dishes or crockery back at the boys. It has become increasingly popular for the ladies to get their revenge on Monday, tossing water back at the boys. And I just happen to know a beautiful Polish family ....oh fun is mine!

April 13 - Scrabble Day - Scrabble was created in 1938 by Alfred Mosher Butts. Thank you Mr. Butts - I think I will engage in a scrabble game today - quite fun I say

April 14 - Ex Spouse Day - That's right, and be nice people. After all the past is the past and it's time to live and forget. Pay your respects for the reason that person came into your life to begin with and not for whatever reason it ended. Everything happens for a reason.

April 14 - International Moment of Laughter Day - How fun is this?!?! Getting a simple smile is not good enough today - you must pursue and get laughter, so break out your best jokes and funniest faces you have a mission today and that mission is to make people laugh - pee in the pants laughing!!

April 14 - Look up at the Sky Day - The sky is so beautiful in April, puffy clouds pushing by in a race to get who knows where, the sun shining so brilliantly and at night the moon is booming with his all knowing face watching the stars and planets dance around. I love the sky!

April 14 - National Pecan Day - The only nut tree native to North America is the Pecan Tree! April is National Pecan Month and now today...oh what yummness, I adore pecan pies! But I think today I will settle for some Turtles :)

April 14 - Reach as High as You Can Day - Today is the day to go up and beyond your personal comfort zone, it is the day to expand your horizons - yes go on and do it the sky IS your limits so go on and grasp what you have been wanting

April 15 - Rubber Eraser Day - In the world of erasers, two men are prominent. Joseph Priestley discovered the eraser in 1770, using pieces of rubber imported from Brazil. Then in 1858, Hyman Lipman of Philadelphia, Pa., patented the pencil with an eraser at the end. Make no mistake, these two men have done wonders for our crosswords! Let us be thankful.

April 15 - Titanic Remembrance Day - Titanic Remembrance Day is dedicated to the memory of the Titanic and to the over 1500 people who died. On this day in 1912, the Titanic sank in the icy waters of the north Atlantic ocean. The Titanic was called "unsinkable" and the "safest ship afloat" by her builder and designer. However, on her maiden voyage from England to New York City, the cruise ship Titanic hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. This occurred on April 14, 1912 at 11:40p.m. Two hours later, with a gaping gash in her side, the ship quickly sank in icy waters. 1522 passengers and crew died. Today would be a great day to break out the movies in remembrance of those dear souls.

April 16 - National Eggs Benedict Day - National Eggs Benedict Day is a day to enjoy eggs with hollandaise sauce, Canadian bacon and english muffins. I seem to fail when I try to prepare my Eggs Benedict - oh well, I guess I will just have to go out to a restaurant and have some made for me!

April 16 - National High Five Day - See how much fun you can have with this one! Most people with respond to your high five, others prefer a low five, some will high five you back and give you a full ten! Find out how many high fives you can get today - I bet you have a blast!!

April 16 - National Librarian Day - Go to your local library and say thank you or send a card with your child to the school librarian, after all these people are helping form the minds of the future of our country.

April 16 - National Stress Awareness Day - is there any connection to this being the day after taxes are due? ? April is Stress Awareness Month too...hmmm... are we to be aware that we are stressed out or that we need to take precautions and lower our chances ? Who cares - sounds like a great excuse for a bubble bath and some wine!

April 17 - Blah, Blah, Blah Day - blah blah blah blah blah blah? blah blah!! blah blah blah blah - blah. Actually the purpose of today is to do those things that you have been putting off because they are blah. just do it and blah.

April 17 - National Cheeseball Day - I am not sure if this is in reference to the party cheesball covered in nuts for cracker spread or the light and fluffy puffy cheeseballs, oh well - to stay on the safe side I guess I will have to enjoy both!

April 18 - International Juggler's Day - Both a day to appreciate the skills of the fantastic entertainers or those of all of us that juggle so many things in our lives this is a great day to pick up three balls and have some fun trying to juggle!

April 18 - Newspaper Columnists Day - The National Society of Newspaper Columnists created National Columnists Day. It was established on April 18th, in memory of the day columnist, and Pulitzer Prize winner, Ernie Pyle was killed in World War II. This day is dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance and contributions made by by columnists and journalists. Read a newspaper column. Or, show some appreciation to these writers today!

April 18 - Pet Owners Independence Day - So I guess today you go for a walk with your dog and let him decide where he wants to pee? Or maybe you don't call the cat and just let it do what it wants! - oh, in any case being owned by our pets is what we love them for!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter - Not just for kids!

Easter was always my holiday. Every year I would plan a brunch and set up the back yard to look like Peter Cotton Tail just blew through it. Complete with Easter Decorations, Easter Egg hunt ready for the kids, Easter Baskets for everyone prominently displayed on a table for after lunch, Easter lunch served family style on tables surrounded by flowing spring colored curtains under a canopy of oak trees, horse shoes set up for the men to play while the kids are playing with their new basket goodies....yep fun fun fun!
But what happens when the kids grow up and turn into teenagers? They are too cool for that stuff. Then family moves away and others just get serious and don't have time. poopers! But now: I have grand kids!!! AND I have found out that the "cool" teenagers really DO like to do that stuff - just don't make it sound like it is their choice, make it be more like "please just do the Easter Egg hunt" and amazingly they have a great deal of fun.
The teens in my Venture Crew love love love having fun and thank goodness because so do I! Today we had an Easter Egg Hunt!! I was so excited when they said that they wanted to do it. Everyone brought eggs and everyone hid each others eggs and then they all went looking (scouts honor they did not take their own that they hid) we played Easter/Spring-time music and then they found the water guns I hid around with the eggs and they had a water gun fight. Much fun was had by all and I had a blast watching them. ahhhh Easter....Here comes Peter Cotton Tail Hoppin' down the bunny trail, Hippity hoppity, Easter's on its way.....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Fab Finds is a growing community of crafters that believe in the quality and uniqueness of handmade products. Very easy to use, set up much like Etsy and growing quickly this is a great place for any crafter to feature and advertise your handmade merchandise. Free to register, free to list- yes free to all! Once you set up your account you get a store front, you can shop by artist or item and you can even sign up for a What's Hot newsletter once a week!

If you are looking to put your art out there or to support the people who do sell handmade you should really check this out!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do You Freecycle? is a really great place to help you do your part in recycling your unwanted merchandise. They only allow you to list what you have to offer up for free to someone that may need it or if you are in need of something that you think someone out there may have to give up. No selling, asking for donations, no volunteer work - just merchandise, just free. The idea is to save the planet by not putting stuff into the landfills that someone else may be able to use or re purpose. It's really quite useful and if you follow the rules it can be a pleasant place to meet new people in your area that share the same ideals as you. When you go to the site you need to go to your community and work from there - makes sense though as you would give and share with people in or near your home. I have used this site to advertise a "curb alert" - I listed that after my yard sale was over at 3:00pm all the leftover merchandise was going to the curb and within 3 days there was no more merchandise on my curb: so not only did it save the earth from unneeded trash but it saved me the hassle of taking the leftovers away and cleaning up! It was really great!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesdays Share

Heads up for an upcoming festival in the works. The Every Womans Arts & Crafts Festival in St. Augustine will be held on August 2, 2009. I know it seems like far far away but it is first come first serve and space is limited so if you are in the area or want to come visit my BEAUTIFUL city with an excuse check out the web site and see if you're interested!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I hope you weren’t one of the people that got hit with the “April Fool’s Day” bug that got spread around the Internet. As a business owner, and a Network Administrator, my husband takes security VERY serious. He offered this up for everyone to view and read. Just go to this link
(yes…this video is “bug free”. I must tell you though, the information IS concerning. For those that are under the impression that because they own a MAC they have nothing to fear…I included a current article…MAC owners…it was only a matter of time!
To keep my “agreement” with my husband…, I want to [his terms] let everyone reading this technical tips part of my blog to understand that anything I tell you about are things that he uses all the time in his business so I feel that they must really be good but you must use at your own discretion. Also, he wants everyone to know that this is not a cheap plug for Norton, he doesn’t install Norton because he has his own favorites for his own reasons. Norton IS good, he just doesn’t use it anymore. Whatever you choose to use, keep it current with all patches and updates! Window users…make sure you do all the Windows updates!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Madness

Fabulous Fun Finds is hosting a great giveaway - The FUMI, Fashionable Unique Multi-Purpose Innovation, can be worn as a bracelet, a handbag accessory and/or used as a purse hanger to keep your handbag off the disgusting floor! How fun is this?!?
It is a must have accessory for anyone carrying a handbag, diaper bag or loves fashion in general. All my bags are large, bulky and filled with heavy items. The FUMI had no problem holding the weight of my heavy bag. The FUMI is sturdy, fashionable and practical. There are seven different styles to choose from and as if the FUMI wasn't stylish enough on its own there are stylish and swanky charms to dress them up as well. This is the perfect girlfriend gift, Mother's Day gift or gift for yourself!
I have her button in the sidebar - go check it out and do what you need to do!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Holiday Previews for the week

April 5 - Go for Broke Day - Say what?!?! Nooo - this means go for it! Take a chance! Take that chance today - Many of us go about our daily lives playing it safe, not taking big chances. But today you can let yourself loose and go on and take that might have fun! Take that

April 6 - Plan Your Epitaph Day - Yeah, I know: none of us like to do it, but we all know that: best if you do do it. After all who knows what your family will actually put on it! "Here lies Rose, don't step on her toes"....HAHAHA

April 6 - Sorry Charlie Day - Today you can take time out to reflect upon a past dejection. Then, you can laugh inside and smile because "who cares?".

April 7 - Caramel Popcorn Day - chewy, sweet, caramel-ly! Too good, gotta make some today!!

April 7 - No Housework Day - Ho-Yeah!! I likey this one!! So for all you spouses that usually don't do the chores this is a great day to say thank you and do the chores for your lovey (and draw a bubble bath, and make some coffee, go buy some candy, and order a masseuse...ok, maybe that's a little too much? forget the coffee)

April 7 - World Health Day - The World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nation's sponsors World Health Day each year. This is an international event to emphasize and work on important health issues or problems. So pay attention people: be healthy

April 8 - All is Ours Day - WoW - this can be anything?! Whatever you want it to be..after all IS ours

April 8 - Draw a Picture of a Bird Day - watch it.. not that kind of bird!

April 9 - Name Yourself Day - Today you can be who you want to be. I am Power Princess. you got it baby, watch out!

April 9 - Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill who was British was made an honorary US citizen. On this day in 1963, Winston Churchill became the very first person to become an honorary citizen. He was given this honor posthumously. There have only been 6 people (two are a married couple who received it jointly) to be accorded this stature. You should go read one of his brilliant works today (or at least tell your kids you did!)

April 10 - Golfer's Day - When Golfer's Day falls on a week day, it is even more special. That means you now have an excuse to take a day off of work and go play a round ...or two. Regardless of your score today, you know that even a bad day on the greens, is better than a good day at work. Too bad I don't golf (maybe I will say I did anyway)

April 10 - National Siblings Day - Do I have to?? Siblings are truly special BLAH BLAH BLAH so go appreciate them. OK how about lunch? Are you gonna pull my hair again?

April 11 - Eight Track Tape Day - REALLY?? LOL, just yesterday I pulled some boxes down out of the attic and found some of those. You know your old when your son says "what are those?" yeah, it's that good!!

April 11 - Barbershop Quartet Day - I LUV LUV quartets. This day celebrates the founding of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America in Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 11, 1938. Barbershop Quartets date back to the early 1900's in America. They make me smile every time!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Making Waves

Today my scouts had fun making waves! We are helping out at the upcoming St. Augustine Sea Turtle Festival that will be held on Saturday, Apr 18 10:00 - 3:00pm at St. Johns County Fishing Pier Pavilion. Every spring and summer sea turtles return to nest along our coastline and St. Augustine loves to welcome our returning turtles by having an annual festival to educate the public on ways they can improve their habitat. My scouts will be at an educational booth. The crew had a blast making props and decorations for the booth - Waves were of main focus! Much fun was had by all - and much paint as well!!
Mark your calendars and come out and support our conservation efforts!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Fab Finds is a place for moms and moms-to-be to connect with one another. You should go take a look around and join the moms who are there! Set up your homepage with great colors and your info, send and receive mail through your inbox. There is a newcomers guide to help get you through everything in the beginning and then you are on your way! You can hook up with moms in your own area; find other moms that have the same interests as you do; Q&A for anything and everything mom related and much more; you can upload your craft walk-throughs and pics of your crafts to share. There's more: share your pics & even take part in the photo contests, participate in polls, join groups & chat and there are even games!
Are you a member? What do you think about this site? let me know and if you do go there look me up - still recreationalart!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What is IrfanView?

IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

It is trying to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals.

IrfanView is trying to create new and/or interesting features in its own way, unlike some other graphic viewers, whose whole "creativity" is based on feature cloning, stealing of ideas and whole dialogs from ACDSee and/or IrfanView! (for example: XnView has been stealing/cloning features and whole dialogs from IrfanView, for 8+ years).

IrfanView was the first Windows graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple (animated) GIF support.
One of the first graphic viewers WORLDWIDE with Multipage TIF support.
The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple ICO support.

My husband showed this to me. When he explained it to me, I just gave the usual…Oh! That sounds so-o interesting. But then I decided to go ahead and download the program since it was free and see what it was all about. Believe it or not he was soo right! This is such a great – and simple – program. I use it for almost all my photos because it does such great things and is SO-O-O easy to learn and use. Really…try it at - remember…it’s free and VERY easy to learn and use! I like it so much I paid for the “pro” version.

So as usual I need to let everyone reading this technical tips part of my blog to understand that anything I tell you about are things that he uses all the time in his business so I feel that they must really be good but you must use at your own discretion. Also, he wants everyone to know that this is not a cheap plug for Irfanview, but if you ever thought this kind of stuff was too difficult to use and or learn you will be surprised!
Try this program and share the site with others. It is really super! ENJOY!!

Gardening fun

My Wisteria is in bloom
the lavender color intense
She hugs the Lady of the Fountain
and sheds away my gloom.

My Wisteria is in bloom
a branch I pick
The scent so distinct
I let her love fill my room.

My Wisteria is in bloom
the morn dew kisses her petals
winds embraces the garden
day is happy when she is abloom.

My Wisteria is in bloom
the rays of sun search for her
with love so warm and yearning
so distinctive as her perfume

My Wisteria is in bloom
wildlife reach for her
spring is now begun as
one can only assume.

My Wisteria is in bloom!
Rose Fieldhouse 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's April

It's April!!

Flowers are Daisy and Sweet Pea
Birthstones are Diamond, White Sapphire. meaning Innocence
Astrological signs include Aries, The Ram, March 21 - April 19 and Taurus, The Bull, April 20 - May 20.

April is know for several different themes:
National Humor Month - Laughter makes the world go round
International Guitar Month - my son will be thrilled! He has so many guitars there is no room to walk in his room
Keep America Beautiful Month - c'mon people: pick it up!
Lawn and Garden Month - I just salvaged 5 asparagus ferns and a hibiscus from the trash. they will be very happy in my garden :)
Poetry Month - I am no poet, but there is a lot of it out there: so enjoy
National Pecan Month - MMMMMMMMM pecan pie is my fave
National Welding Month - I have seen some beautiful welding creations and only wish I had that talent
Records and Information Management Month - o.k., honestly this sounds like work to me..but I suppose I can take my own spin on this and have an office cleaning day. organize organize...yeah, sounds better!
Stress Awareness Month - yes. I am aware that I am stressed. Thank you April month.
Sexual Assault Awareness Month - This is an important one guys, no jokes: be prepared and aware of your surroundings at all times.

April week by week:

Week 1 Library Week - and remember April 4 is National Librarian day: appreciate!
Week 1 Read a Road Map Week - I might pass on this one. I hate those things.
Week 2 Garden Week - Yep. I likey this one! My husband and I love to garden together. We get out our international/eclectic cd's and just have fun!
Week 3 Organize Your Files Week - yeah, see it just sounds better with "organize" in there. I'm a freak for new file boxes and folders!
Week 3 Medical Labs Week - Very important indeed so while your apreciatng your doc appreciate the lab workers too!
Week 4 Administrative Assistants Week - virtual thank you to all of you out there: you make our lives simpler
Week 4 National Karaoke Week - this always ends up bad for me. too much vodka, greasy wings and a wink or too, and let's not talk about how poorly my listeners hear.